Valheim Sailing Guide: How To Sail In Valheim?

Sailing and Building Ships in Valheim is very crucial. Hence our Sailing Guide will help you learn How To Sail In Valheim.

Sailing is a must for players and as a Viking, you will need to explore various regions for which you must know How To Sail In Valheim?. To set off on adventures and exploring different regions and while completing the quest you must have Knowledge of how to build and sail every ship in the game.

Knowing so will not only help you visit different places but will also benefit you in getting your hands-on precious resources to survive. Here’s a detailed guide on How To Sail And Build Ships In Valheim.

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Valheim Sailing And Building Guide

Without any more delay, let’s get started on our guide. Make sure you have followed the Instructions Given Below step-by-step.

How To Build Every Ship?

Valheim has three different types of ships each of them has its own perks and weaknesses. Similarly, the requirements of materials to build them also differ. Check out what resources you will need to collects to craft a ship.

1. Rafts

The easiest among the three is a Raft. If you are a beginner in the game then go ahead and build this on. To build them you will need to have 20x Wood, 6x Leather Scraps, and 10x Resin. Keep in mind that these Rafts have very low HP that is around 300 and sail at the speed of 9km/h.

2. Karves

This one is the second best and has better health around 500 HP and sails at the speed of 17km/h. This kind of ship also comes with a storage compartment and to build them you will need 30x Fine Wood, 10x Deer Hide, 20x Resin, and 80x Bronze Nails.

3. Longships

Longships are the best ships that you can sail in Valheim. To build them you will need 100x Iron Nails, 10x Deer Hide, 40x Fine Wood, and 40x Ancient Bark. Also, the head and speed of this ship are pretty impressive HP being around 1000 and its speed around 25km/h. These types of ships come with a massive 18 storage slots. You will be able to carry large quantities of cargo quite easily.

Sailing Controls & UI

Control ships in Valheim is not rocket science you will just need to know your device controls and how to manipulate the wind. For doing so just check out the steps that we have given below. Once you have gotten comfy with the navigations automatically you will be able to make your way to explore more regions.

  • Find the Rudder which is in the back of the ship.
  • Press Use Key to use it
  • When controlling speed use keys W and S.
  • For turning Left and Right use A and D.
  • There are five different speed and movement options: reverse, no movement, paddling, half sail, and full sail. These are represented by the chevrons near the wheel icon as well as the icon under your minimap.
  • Turing your curved yellow bar around your wheel icon will display how hard you’re turning left or right.
  • To center your boat turn in the opposite direction of the yellow bar.
  • Find a circular icon with a ship symbol under the map. This will display the direction of the wind.
  • Press Use Key to either exit the ship or move around.
  • For getting access to the storage compartment press the Use Key.

Sailing Tips And Tricks

Below are simple tips & tricks on How To Sail In Valheim smoothly and became a master.

  • Make use of the wind to move with greater speed by keeping the wind behind your sails as much as possible.
  • If the wind is too strong lower your sails and switch to paddling.
  • For better control over your ship while moving with speed try going half the sail. This will put some balance to your speed and handling.
  • Be on alert and avoid shallow rocks and landmasses in the waters.
  • Do not overload the vessel since you will not be able to access the rudder properly.

How To kill The Sea Serpent?

Sea serpents are the most annoying to handle when you set sail. They just love to pop out and attack when you just start getting comfy and are enjoying a wonderful sail. They often end up tearing apart player’s ships which end pretty badly for players as they drown to their death. Here’s how you can defeat them.

  • Having a Finewood Bow (10x Fine Wood, 10x Core Wood, 2x Deer Hide) or greater with Flinthead Arrows (8x Wood, 2x Flint, 2x Feathers) will help you kill them,
  • Sail with more people to increase your survival rate. This will prove best since you will have more hands for taking care of the Serpent.
  • Evading also helps in avoid its attacks.
  • If it’s not possible to kill them with your level of strength try doing enough damage so that the serpent can decide to flee.

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