How To Dye Ribbons And Make A Wish In Palia

Not sure how to use Wish Tree Dye Station and get gift boxes in Palia? Do this to make a wish this Luna New Year.

Wish Tree is more than just the mesmerizing animation, it gives you Lucky Envelopes, Gold, and Renown. With the arrival of the Maji Market Luna New Year event, we have gotten plenty of interesting items, recipes, quests, and minigames to enjoy. However, all of them require you to spend either currency or time. This also takes time, but just a few minutes.

By reading Chayne’s mail, you must already know about the ribbon colors, but it doesn’t tell you where to find Wish Tree Dye Station in Palia. No need to worry, as here we have given the location and took you through the process of how you can get your wishes granted.

How to Get Wish Ribbons in Palia

How to Get Wish Ribbons in Palia
Majestic Wishing Tree of Maji Market (Screenshot by Games Adda)

Every real-world day you log in, you’ll receive mail from the Chayne, and a wish ribbon will be attached to it. Interact with the mailbox right outside your home and claim the item. You will know that you have new mail by the shining aura coming from the box. You cannot sell the ribbon, so visit the Maji Market and utilize it.

How to Dye Ribbons and Use Wish Tree

Dye Ribbons and Use Wish Tree
Dye wish ribbons from here in Palia (Screenshot by Games Adda)

Once you have the ribbon, head to the Fairgrounds. It is in the southeast corner of the Kilima Valley map. You can also teleport there through fast travel. In the market, you will spot a majestic tree, with wishes hanging on it. While the market is active, you will also find the Chayne standing in front of it. On the right side of the tree, you will see an interactable table with three dye colors:

  • Blue Dye Wish: Luck (Lucky Envelopes)
  • Orange Dye Wish: Prosperity (Gold)
  • Pink Dye Wish: Longevity (Renown)
Wish Tree Deposit Palia
Deposit ribbon after dyeing (Screenshot by Games Adda)

Use the dye for the item you want and head towards the tree. Now, you will see a Wish Tree Deposit option. Press F to use it, and you will see a special cutscene interaction.

How to Collect Rewards

How to Collect Rewards From Palia Wish Tree
Retrieve your wish and get gift box in Palia (Screenshot by Games Adda)

The process of dying and wishing can be done any time of the day, but to receive a reward you must visit the market when it is open. Once you are there, go near the tree, and turn left to find Retrieve Wish. Use it, and you will see another special cutscene interaction. Check your inventory to find the gift box.

That’s all you have to do to use Wish Tree Dye Station in Palia and get a gift box. For more topics from the event and game mechanism, check out our dedicated section. We cover everything from how to get Stripped Chapaa Tail to where you can find the Void Ray in this fantasy world.