How To Find And Catch Void Ray In Palia

Catch the epic fish Void Ray in Palia with the help of this guide.

The epic fishes like the Void Ray are very uncommon in Palia. Not just that, it appears only at a particular place in the water. Luckily it is there all day. This fish also looks like the smaller and alien version of Stingray. It can enter the Echo Realm and it feeds off the other smaller finds. It is also described as one of the most terrifying fishes in the game. Let’s look for ourselves.

How to Find and Catch the Void Ray Fish in Palia

get void ray in palia

The Void Ray fish in Palia can be found and caught in the Bahari Bay caves with the help of glow worms as baits. You can also purchase the fish for 300 to 500+ gold. It is also a part of the Spooky Bundle questline that will help you get the fish step by step.

To understand better, you can get the main bait, the glow worms by crafting it after leveling up their fishing skills to 7. Then you can purchase the bait recipe from Einar for 2000 gold. Make sure you have an upgraded fishing rod too. Once you have all of these items go to the Bahari Bay, at Pavel Mines. Look for caves there and then go fishing by casting your fishing rod with the left click on the mouse button.

Besides the Void Ray, there are a few other kinds of ray fishes that are unique in the game like –

  • Bat Ray
  • Stormray
  • Ribbontail Ray
  • Giant Kilima Stingray
  • Flametongue Ray
  • Duskray
  • Dawnray
  • Blue Spotted Ray

Almost all of these other ray fishes are found in the Bahari Bay waters. They are uncommon or rare and not all of them are present at all times. The majority of the ray fishes hunt for the others and are terrifying and deadly.

That was all on how to find and catch Void Ray in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get soil for gardening in Palia.