Palia: How To Get Striped Chapaa Tail

Chapaa is an important creature in Palia and so is its Striped Tail, Fur, and Meat.

A Striped Chapaa Tail is from a creature named Chapaa who is a squirrel-like creature in Palia. Not just its tail, but its fur and meat are of utmost importance in the game. You can create recipes and craft certain items with the help of it. Its base value is 80 gold in itself. You can benefit a lot from the rest of its parts too. Besides that, Jel likes the Striped Chapaa Tail and you can use it to gift him. Here is how you can get it.

How to Get Striped Chapaa Tail in Palia

get striped chapaa tail in palia

To get the Striped Chapaa Tail in Palia, you have to hunt a Wild Chapaa. They are a rare breed but can be found all day at Bahari Bay. They can also be found in some locations at the Kilima Village. You have to go on a hunting mission in the mountains and open fields on that map. You will mostly find the Wild Chapaa, in areas where there are other animals like deer present too.

They are small creatures who run and hop real quick and hide behind the bushes. If you locate one, make sure to press R and keep your bow and arrow ready. They run away really quickly when a player approaches closer to them. Keep a good distance, and attack them with your bow and arrow.

This will help you not only get the Striped Tail but also its fur and meat, which you can further use to make recipes. Sometimes you will find the Striped Chapaa Tail fallen randomly at places. You can get it that way too.

Besides the Striped tail, you can also find the Spotted Chapaa Tail of a normal Chapaa. Whose base value and star quality value are quite low compared to the striped one.

So this was all on how to get the Striped Chapaa Tail in the game, along with its uses. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out, where to find two types of Mushrooms in Palia.