How To Make Gold Or Money In Palia

Here is a guide with some of the best ways you can make money in Palia.

In Palia, Gold is the currency or money for the villagers and the players. Some games, reward you with money or gold right at the start, but that’s not the case in Palia. In Palia, you do not have any Gold with you at the beginning. You have to work your way through and earn it. Initially, players find it challenging to do so, but it gets easier once you get the hang of it. Here is how you can earn some.

How to Make Money in Palia

how to make money in palia

Just like any other RPG game, you can make money or gold in Palia, through selling or trading items. You have to either forage, farm, or fish or craft items, fish, fruits, and vegetables. You can then go ahead and sell them to earn gold. Let’s look further in detail.

1. Sell Farm Produce

farming in palia

You are given free carrot and tomato seeds along with soil patches at the beginning of the game. Not just that, but also all the basic farming equipment required. With that, you can grow your fruits and vegetables without spending a penny and harvest them. You can further use them in recipes and sell them or just sell the vegetables and fruits alone.

As you proceed in the game, you can purchase seeds of different vegetables that can help you gain more money or Gold.

2. Sell Fresh Catches

fishing in palia

Fishing is one of the most important activities in Palia. There are ample of fishes in the rivers and ponds of the village. You can sell these fish by putting them in the Shipping Bin outside your Home Plot. You can also create recipes with them and then decide to sell them for a better price. Initially, it is suggested for new players to catch fish and sell them to make Gold in the game.

Fishing is one of the easiest activities in the game and does not require bait to catch most of the fish.

3. Forage Finds

foraging in palia

Players can go foraging in Palia, for as much as they want because there is always something or the other randomly found on the grounds. Whether it is on the grass or the sands on the beach. There will be an exclamation mark that appears in new finds. You can also forage for mushrooms and flowers found around. Visit Ashura or the General Store and check if there is a need for anything that you found. You can then sell them there. The other option would be to sell them through the Shipping Bin.

4. Mining and Hunting

mining and hunting in palia

Mining is another best way to make gold in the game. There are copper ore or silver ore rocks all around the map. You can break some stones and obtain the minerals and gems hidden inside. The best thing would be to sell them or see if they are needed in preparing a weapon or axe that you help you gain more gold in return. Besides that, you can also hunt using your bow and make-shift arrow in Palia. You can sell, meat, fur, and tails of your hunts as well as use them in recipes.

These were some of the ways you could make money in the early game and earn the most number of gold out there. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to get Waterlogged Boot in Palia.