Palia: How To Get Waterlogged Boot

Here is a guide that will help you get the Waterlogged Boot easily in Palia.

The Waterlogged Boot will help you complete a quest in Palia. Which is why it is necessary to get it. The Boot is from the junk category and is also called a piece of garbage. However, it is required for Auni, as he takes a special interest in these items. Some players find it easily, while some cannot find it yet. Do not worry, we got you covered, with our guide on it.

How to Find Waterlogged Boot in Palia

get waterlogged boot in palia

You will find the Waterlogged Boot through fishing in the Mirror Pond in Kilima Village. You can also get it in Bahari Bay if you are lucky. It is mostly found in Ponds and Caves and does not require any special bait or bait at all to catch it. Fishing is the only way you can obtain it from these locations. The exact area where you can get it from should be at the edge of the pond.

Some players were also able to find the boot from other rivers in the Kilima Valley. It can also be found in caves when you use no worms at all to fish. Sometimes, players will find it difficult to fish the boot even after hours of fishing. This is because there might be other objects that you are catching while fishing. Like a wheel, chest, etc. Do not give up and keep fishing until it’s your turn to find the Boot.

Once you find the Waterlogged Boot, you can gift it to Auni as he likes it. The base value of the boot is just 2 Gold. So it is not worth selling. There is also no other use of it until a quest further. The best option is to gift it to Auni, while you can.

If you find it difficult to fish, then there are other items that you can gift Auni like –

  • Weekly Wants
    • Common Blue Butterfly
    • Bahari Bee
    • Blueberry
    • Apple Pie
  • Likes
    • Any Bugs
    • Macaron
    • Silk Thread
    • Sneaky Smoke Bomb
    • Sticky Smoke Bomb

That was all on how to get the Waterlogged Boot for Auni. We hope that we helped you find it. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out where to find all the resources in Palia.