Where To Find All The Resources In Palia

Here is a complete guide on all the possible resource materials and items that can be found in Palia.

In Palia you can either forage or mine to find resources. They can be pretty useful in crafting furniture, cooking recipes, and also gifting the villagers. The Village is full of different raw materials that are scattered all around. You can also complete quests and missions when you find them. Besides that, you can also sell them for their base value and star quality value in exchange for gold. Here is how you can find them.

Where to Find Resources in Palia

find resources in palia

You can find Resources in Palia, in the following ways –

Foraging Trees

  • Heartwood
    • Bahari Bay.
  • Flow-Infused Wood
    • Kilima Valley.
    • Bahari Bay.
  • Sapwood
    • Kilima Valley.
    • Bahari Bay.
  • Plant Fiber
    • Found while chopping any tree or bushes.

Foraging Plants

foraging in palia

  • Crystal Lake Lotus
    • Kilima Lake.
  • Heartdrop Lily
    • Statue Garden.
  • Sundrop Lily
    • All around grassy areas in Palia.
  • Emerald Carpet Moss
    • Grassy areas near Kilima Lake and Einar’s Dock.
  • Dragon’s Beard Peat
    • Coast of Bahari Bay.
  • Briar Daisy
    • Pavel Mines.



  • Brightshroom
    • Ruins of Bahari Bay.
  • Mountain Morel
    • Entrance of Bahari Bay.
    • Kilima Lake.
  • Dari Cloves
    • Bahari Bay.
  • Wild Garlic
    • Bahari Bay.
    • Kilima Valley.
  • Spice Sprouts
    • Family Farm.
  • Heat Root
    • Cliff walls in Bahari Bay.
  • Sweet Leaf
    • Thorny Thicket.
    • Statue Garden.
    • Outskirts areas.
    • Proudhorn Pass.

Beach Finds

beach finds palia

  • Shell
    • Coast of Bahari Bay.
  • Unopened Oyster
    • Coast of Bahari Bay.
  • Coral
    • Coral Shores on the Coast of Bahari Bay.

Mining Finds

mining palia

  • Silver
    • Copper Ore nodes.
    • Treasure Chests.
  • Stone
    • Any node.
  • Flint
    • Stone nodes with no ores.
  • Gold
    • Iron ore nodes.
    • Treasure Chests.
  • Clay
    • Banks of Kilima Lake.
  • Palium
    • Thorny Thicket.
    • Proudhorn Pass.
    • Blue nodes.
    • Magical ores.
  • Copper
    • Copper nodes in Kilima Valley.

These were all the possible resources that you could find in Palia through foraging and mining. With that, we come to and end of our guide. If you found this guide helpful, you can also check out how to get a Striped Chapaa Tail in Palia.