Tears of Themis Characters Wiki: Age, Voice Actors, Chinese Name, Photos & More

Here's everything you need to know about Tears of Themis characters.

Tears of Themis — which is one of the most anticipated Mobile Games — has finally launched for Android and iOS users. For the unversed, it is developed by none other than miHoYo, which launched Genshin Impact last year.

Tears of Themis is all about taking part in the adventure of romance and wits as a young and beautiful attorney. You are assigned to solve some bizarre cases in the city of Stellis while trying to develop a relationship with four male protagonists —Luke Pearce, Artem Wing, Marius von Hagen, and Vyn Richter.

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It has not been a week since the game was made available on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, fans have already started searching a lot about Tears of Themis characters.

Here Are All Tears of Themis Characters – 2021

As we have mentioned above, there are four main characters in Tears of Themis. In this post, we will talk about Tears of Themis character’s age, blood type, gender, occupation, height, and more.

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Without any further ado, let’s take a look at each character’s bio one by one:

1. Luke Pearce

Tears of Themis Character Guide

Luke Pearce is one of the most talked-about Tears of Themis characters right now. He is a 24-year old male character, who is a Private Investigator by his occupation. The best thing about Luke Pearce is he is a very kind-hearted man who loves to help other players.

    • Gender — Male
    • Age — 24
    • Birthday — December 5
    • Height — 180 cm
    • Blood Type —  O
    • Occupation — Private Investigator

Artem Wing

Tears of Themis Character Guide

The second most popular character is Artem Wing. He is a bit older than Luke Pearce. Artem Wing is a 29-year old good-looking man, who is quite strict and devoted to reasoning that he does not have emotions towards girls.

Similar to Luke Pearce, Artem Wing does not love to spend time with girls unless or until he has been approached by a beautiful and attractive girl.

  • Gender — Male
  • Age — 29
  • Birthday — April 26
  • Height — 182 cm
  • Blood Type —  A
  • Occupation — Top Attorney

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Marius von Hagen

Tears of Themis Character Guide

Marius Von Hagen is the youngest Tears of Themis character right now. He is merely a 21-year old man, whose occupation is Heir of Pax Group. For the unversed, he is an heir to a massive corporation but he does not want to carry forward his legacy.

Unlike the above-mentioned characters, Marius Von Hegen does not reveal his true identity to others. He was born in the epicenter of the struggles of power but he is tired of the politics being played in his family.

  • Gender —  Male
  • Age —  21
  • Birthday — June 21
  • Height — 188 cm
  • Blood Type —  B
  • Occupation — Heir of Pax Group

Vyn Richter

Tears of Themis Character Guide

Vyn Richer is the last and fourth character that you will get to meet in Tears of Themis. Since he is a psychiatrist by occupation, he can easily see through all forms of disguises.

Notably, he had got a lot of Job invitations but rejected all of them to pursue the dream of becoming a psychiatrist. He is an awesome guy who can easily be approached and that could be the reason why people talk to him openly.

  • Gender — Male
  • Age — 27
  • Birthday — September 27
  • Height —  178 cm
  • Blood Type — AB
  • Occupation  — Psychiatrist

5. Rosa

Tears of Themis Characters Wiki

Rosa might not be one of the main characters in Tears of Themis but she has been recruited in NXX by Artem Wing and Vyn Richer. What made them recruit Rosa into NXX is her way of investigation. For the unversed, NXX is an Investigation Team consisting of all main characters available in the game.

Notably, Rosa is a beautiful character in Tears of Themis who has completed her graduation from Stellis University Law School. After completing her graduation, she started working under Celestine at Themis Law Firm, where she met with Artem Wing. What Rosa loves the most is Seafood because they are low in fat.

Tears of Themis Voice Actors List

Japanese Voice Actors

  • Yuki Kaji – Luke Pearce
  • Junichi Suwabe – Artem Wing
  • Kaito Ishikawa – Marius von Hagen
  • Jun Fukuyama – Vyn Ritcher

Chinese Simplified Voice Actors

  • Titus Jin – Luke Pearce
  • Zhao Lu – Artem Wing
  • Yang Tianxiang – Marius von Hagen
  • Jiang Guangtao – Vyn Ritcher

Chinese Traditional Voice Actors

  • Chen Hung Yu – Luke Pearce
  • Yin Xiang – Artem Wing
  • Chiang Chih Lun – Marius von Hagen
  • Yu Cheng-Shen – Vyn Ritcher

Korean Voice Actors

  • Kim Jiyul – Luke Pearce
  • Jang Minhyuck – Artem Wing
  • Han Shin – Marius von Hagen
  • Hwang Changyung – Vyn Ritcher

Tears of Themis Characters Chinese Names

1. Luke Pearce

  • CHS (China Server Simplified) Name: Titus Jin
  • CHT (China Server Traditional) Name: Chen Hung Yu
  • CHS (China Server Simplified) Name in Chinese:  金弦
  • CHT (China Server Traditional) Name in Chinese:陳宏宇

2. Artem Wing

  • CHS (China Server Simplified) Name: Zhao Lu
  • CHT (China Server Traditional) Name: Yin Xiang
  • CHS (China Server Simplified) Name in Chinese:赵路
  • CHT (China Server Traditional) Name in Chinese:音箱

3. Marius von Hagen

  • CHS (China Server Simplified) Name: Yang Tianxia
  • CHT (China Server Traditional) Name: Chiang Chih
  • CHS (China Server Simplified) Name in Chinese: 金弦
  • CHT (China Server Traditional) Name in Chinese: 陳宏宇

4. Vyn Richter

  • CHS (China Server Simplified) Name: Jiang Guangtao
  • CHT (China Server Traditional) Name: Yu Cheng-Shen
  • CHS (China Server Simplified) Name in Chinese: 姜广涛
  • CHT (China Server Traditional) Name in Chinese: 于正昇

That’s everything you need to know about Tears of Themis characters. As soon as more characters are added to Tears of Themis, we will update this post. If you liked this article, why not take a look at our guide on how to play the Old Maid card game in Tears of Themis.