Tears of Themis Event – All Questions And Their Correct Answers

Here are questions and answers to the Tears of Themis event.

Tears of Themis is a romance detective game, which has received an overwhelming response from both fans and critics alike. The reason why it became an instant is it is developed by none other than miHoYo, who had previously developed popular games like Honkai Impact and Genshin Impact.

Similar to Genshin Impact, the developer keeps adding new events to Tears of Themis. The latest event has plenty of questions related to the game and its characters that players will have to answer correctly. Before we jump to the event directly, let me tell you that there are four main characters in Tears of Themis. If you don’t know who these characters are what are their profession is then click on the link.

Tears of Themis – Event Question and Answers

Making your work a lot easier, we have categorized all Tears of Themis Questions and Answers based on characters, Places/Around Stellis, Food, and Facts. If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, you simply need to press ‘Ctrl+F’ and search for the question. If you do this, you will see the answer to your question.


Q1. How long has Luke been away from Stellis?
Ans: 8 Years

Q2. What did Luke major in in college?
Ans: Bio-engineering

Q3. What is the name of Luke’s antique shop?
Ans: Time’s Antiquities

Q4. What kind of cuisine is Luke’s tomato omelette?
Ans: Home cooking

Q5. Which college did Luke go to?
Ans: National Central University

Q6. Which floor is Luke’s detective agency located on?
Ans:  Second floor

Q7. Who is Luke’s favorite novelist?
Ans: Arthur Conan Doyle


Q1. Artem is the country’s youngest what?
Ans: Senior attorney

Q2. What does Artem part-time as on the weekeneds?
Ans: Movie critic

Q3. What is Artem’s favorite sport?
Ans: Gun shooting

Q4. What kind of books does Artem enjoy?
Ans: Sci-fi

Q5. Which is Artem’s favorite wine?
Ans: He doesn’t like alcohol

Q6. Which pocket does Artem keep his badge in?
Ans: Left chest pocket

Q7. Who is Artem’s “mentor”?
Ans: Neil Hume


Q1. What is Vyn’s profession?
Ans: Psychiatrist

Q2. What kind of music does Vyn perfer?
Ans: Classical music

Q3. Where is Vyn’s mole located?
Ans: Below the eye

Q4. Which branch of psychology does Vyn specialize in?
Ans: Criminal psychology

Q5. Which design style does Vyn prefer?
Ans: European Retro

Q6. Who is Vyn to Marius?
Ans: Private tutor


Q1. Marius specializes in which style of painting?
Ans: Oil painting

Q2. What’s Marius’ seniority in the family?
Ans: Second Child

Q3. What is Marius studying at Stellis University?
Ans: Graduate Student

Q4. Where did you and Marius first meet?
Ans: Classroom

Q5. Which of the following exercises does Marius prefer?
Ans: Extreme Sports

Q6. Who is Vyn to Marius?
Ans: Private tutor

About Stellis

Q1. Darius found a highly potent poison while investigating a case. What could it be?
Ans: Potassium cyanide

Q2. Penny’s Comfort Foods uses spring water from which of the following locations?
Ans: Cloudbreak Mountain

Q3. Stellis’ official city bird symbolizes happiness and longevity, which is?
Ans: Asian Paradise Flycatcher

Q4. What is the name of Luke’s antique shop?
Ans: Time’s Antiquities

Q5. Where is Stellis’ summer hideaway?
Ans: Cloudbreak Mountain

Q6. Which is the longest river in Stellis?
Ans: Stellis River

Q7. Who founded Themis Law Firm?
Ans: Celestine Taylor


Q1. What is the signature dish of Penny’s Comfort Foods?
Ans: Seafood tofu soup

Q2. What kind of cuisine is Luke’s tomato omelette?
Ans: American cuisine

Q3. What kind of cuisine is Steamed Tangerine Crab?
Ans: Chinese cuisine

Q4. What type of cuisine is curry?
Ans: Indian cuisine

Q5. Which of the following is a traditional English dessert?
Ans: Figgy pudding

Q6. Which of the following is a typical snack you would find at a fair?
Ans: Popcorn


Q1. How does Santa Claus enter the house?
Ans: Through the chimney

Q2. What can’t an abacus be used for?
Ans: Barbecue

Q3. What color is Paul Bunyan’s friend Babe the Ox?
Ans: Blue

Q4. What is the name of the elder Trojan prince in the Trojan War?
Ans: Hector

Q5. What is the name of the part of Stellis City that is filled with European buildings?
Ans: Victorian District

Q6. Whit is the Oriental-styled street in Stellis?
Ans: Orchidshine Street

Q7. Which of the following is a classic in the genre of tragedy?
Ans: Romeo and Juliet

Q8. Which of the following is a fragrance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales?
Ans: Ambergris

Q9. Which of the following is also called the Red Lucky Seed?
Ans: Adenanthera pavonina

Q10. Which of the following is NOT a traditional event of the temple fair?
Ans: Video games

Q11. Which of the following is NOT a type of traditional classical music?
Ans. Techno

Q12. Who is Valentine’s Day associated with?
Ans: Saint Valentine of Rome

These are all Tears of Themis questions and their correct answers. As soon as more questions are added to the game, we will update this post. If you liked this post, make sure to share it on Reddit, Facebook, and other social media platforms.