Tears of Themis: Trials of Themis Quiz Answers (2022)

Here are answers to all the questions in the Trials of Themis quiz in Tears of Themis.

You will come across an uninvited event once you complete chapter 2 in Tears of Themis. This uninvited event is a quest known as “Trials of Themis”.The Tears of Themis is a game based on Greek Mythology. The characters in the game also wear ancient clothes to give a proper ancient Greek touch.

When you will move forward collecting rewards and all the valuable items in the game you will meet your opponent and eventually you will eventually have to participate in the quiz.

All the questions in the Trials of Themis are based on Greek Mythology and some basic general topics in the game.

Want some help to solve the quiz as soon as possible? then check this article out. The event is also known as Trials of Athena so don’t get confused and go it.

The quiz will pop up on your screen in the Tears of Themis as soon as you pick up the owl. You will be given the choice to choose one option out of three for every question. Do not panic if the questions related to Greek Mythology will go over your head, focus on the general knowledge question to complete the Trials of Themis quiz in Tears of Themis.

If you still cannot crack it, go through the questions and their answers below from the Trials of Themis in Tears of Themis which we manage to fetch for you.

Tears of Themis: All Trials Of  Themis Questions & Answers

Q: Who turned into a laurel?
A: Daphne

Q: In the Dead Sea, what happens if someone can’t swim?
A: Float

Q: Who is the Goddess of Strife and Discord in Greek mythology?
A: Eris
Q: Who invented the ruler, number, and alphabet?
A: Hermes

Q: What causes tidal phenomena?
A: Gravity

Q: Cacti use which of their parts for photosynthesis?
A: Stem

Q: If you eat something that can cause food poisoning, what should you do?
A: Vomit

Q: Which food should you avoid when sick?
A: Fish

Q: Who is the Goddess of Law and Justice?
A: Themis

Q: What do people call Aphrodite?
A: Goddess of Love

Q: Who is the goddess of victory?
A: Nike

Q: Zeus ruled over the cosmos, but especially?
A: Lightning

Q: Who is the wife of Zeus?
A: Hera

Q: What should you drink to prevent heatstroke after sweating a lot in the summer?
A. Salted water

Q: What is the largest human organ?
A. Skin

Q: Why do mosquitoes suck blood?
A: To lay eggs

Q: Do fish have a heart?
A: Yes

Q: Who is the Goddess of the Moon in Greek mythology?
A: Selene

Q: What was the wondrous thing hidden in Pandora’s box?
A: Hope

Q: Who had his liver devoured by an eagle?
A: Prometheus

Q: What do most people call you during your journey?
A: Servant

Q: Eros is the son of which God?
A: Aphrodite

Q: “Vega” belongs to which constellation?
A: Lyra

Q: What instrument does Apollo play?
A: Lyre

Q: Where do chests you encounter in your journey come from?
A: Priesthood

Q: Which creatures are the most abundant in the ocean?
A: Plankton

Q: During a total solar eclipse, what blocks the sun?
A: The moon

Q: What color is situated at the top of a rainbow?
A: Red

Q: What exactly is “moonlight”?
A: Reflected sunlight

Q: How do dandelions spread their seeds?
A: Wind

Q: When camping outside, which location is not suitable as a campsite?
A: Under a cliff

Q: What part of the body contains the most fat?
A: Heart

Q: Which body part did philosophers believe housed the soul?
A: Heart

Q: Which of the following is a fragrance produced in the digestive system of sperm whales?
A: Ambergris

Q: What is bamboo classified as?
A: Grass
Q: In this story’s beginning, who spewed black smoke and tainted the gods?
A: Typhoeus

Q: Who is called the god of war?
A: Ares

Q: What is Poseidon’s weapon?
A: Trident

Q: What did Jason ride on?
A: Ox

Q: What did Prometheus give to humanity?
A: Fire

Q: Who rescued Prometheus?
A: Heracles

These are all the correct answers to all the possible questions in Trials of Themis in Tears of Themis. Read another article on few more events in Tears Of Themis.