How To Play The Old Maid Card Game In Tears Of Themis?

Old maid card game is a side quest in Tears Of Themis. Let's see how to play the old maid card game in Tears of Themis and who to play with.

Tears of Themis is the Mihoyo studio’s entry in the Otome games but it has its unique elements as well. The game is a perfect mix of investigative courtroom drama and romance which is why players are hooked already. Many players skip through the tutorial to advance faster in the story which is not a very smart move while playing the old maid card game in Tears of Themis. Let’s see how to complete the old maid card game in Tears of Themis.

How To Complete The Old Maid Card Game Quest In Tears Of Themis?

old maid card game

The quest in Tears of Themis is based on the age-old card game of the same name where players have to make pairs of the same number and discard them. The one who gets rid of their cards first will win. Even though we all have played it many players weren’t able to play the old maid card game in Tears of Themis. Players should swipe up on the cards to choose any one of them, then the card will flip and if you have the same number the pair will get discarded automatically.

Many players on Reddit and Twitter complained they weren’t able to complete the quest because they were tapping on the cards instead of swiping. In case you lose the game cards will be reloaded and you will get another chance. Players need to win the game to get the information from the character. You will also need to play the old maid card game with all the four main characters as all of them have some vital pieces of information for you. Once you know that you have to swipe at cards instead of tapping the rest of the quest becomes a piece of cake.

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