Tears Of Themis Summer Breeze Event: Everything You Need To Know

Summer Breeze is an event in Tears of Themis. Here's the Tears of Themis summer breeze part 2 release date and features, new SSR and SR cards.

Summer Breeze is the latest event in Tears of Themis. The first part of the Summer Breeze event, the Romantic Night was released already on 1st August and the second part will release on 5th August.

Both the parts of the Summer Breeze event are available for a limited time only so players should be on their toes. Here’s everything about the second part of the Tears of Themis Summer Breeze event.

About Tears of Themis Summer Breeze Part 2

While the name of the second part of the Summer Breeze event isn’t revealed we know that this one will be a board game. This newly added event brings various small limited-time events into the game.

Players can unlock new SSR cards, SR cards, and new characters as well. The first part of the event Romantic night was a puzzle the second part will be a board game.

Rules Of The Summer Breeze Event Part 2

Apart from a 2 min trailer nothing else about part 2 of the Summer Breeze event has been released. The event was already available on the Chinese version of the TOT. Here’s everything we know about it

  • The Summer Breeze event part 2 will be a board game where players will have to wait for their turn to roll the dice.
  • Players will get new dice rolls every hour. With every dice roll, they’ll get to new squares on the board and each will unlock new event quests.
  • Players will get extra in-game currency for stopping at specific squares. Some blocks will be quiz squares where you will have to answer a quiz to get even more in-game currency
  • Some squares will have special enemies and bosses that you will have to defeat through good debates and arguments.
  • The event will have SSR cards for Artem and Luke and SR cards for Vyn and Marius. It is speculated the Marius card will be available for free but nothing is confirmed as of now.

All these are speculation as per the event Chinese version of the game and we will find out more about this e event. The Summer Breeze event was free in the Chinese version. This is why many players speculate that it will be free in this version as well.

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