Project Zomboid Nauseous Moodlet: How To Cure It?

What is the Nauseous moodlet and how to cure it?

Project Zomboid is a post-apocalyptic game where players have to survive in a world infested with zombies. As challenging as that sounds, zombies are not the only source of trouble for players in the game. You can also die due to hunger, sickness, starvation, exhaustion, or injury. In fact, the game has 19 major moodlets that can help identify the problem their character is facing. These major moodlets also have sub-moodlets that often indicate the severeness of the moodlet. Later stages of sub-moodlets are usually bad news for characters. Nauseous is one such sub-moodlet in the Sick moodlet of Project Zomboid. If you’d like to learn more about the moodlet and how to fix it, read below.

Project Zomboid Nauseous Moodlet?

What Is It?

The Nauseous Moodlet is the second sub-moodlet of the Sick moodlet. It means that the character’s illness is getting worse. It follows Queasy which is the first Sick sub-moodlet and indicates that you should rest up the character. If a character has a Nauseous moodlet, they will start to lose strength. In addition,  their healing will also occur at a reduced pace. This sub-moodlet can progress into Sick and should not be left unattended. If it progresses to Sick, the character will experience a severe reduction in their strength as well as healing capabilities. It is quite difficult to make a comeback from the Sick and Fever sub-moodlets, so make sure to limit it to Nauseous. If a character slides into the Fever, it is highly likely that they will die in the game.

Why Does A Character Get Nauseous In Project Zomboid?

There can be a number of reasons behind a character getting the Nauseous sub-moodlet in Project Zomboid. Let us start with the worst and work our way down. The worst reason a character could be feeling Nauseous in Project Zomboid is because of a zombie infection. This means that if the character was in a fight with zombies recently, they were injured and now the wound is infected. In such a scenario, there is not much that can be done. The character will slowly turn into a zombie and you will need to start over.

However, there are less dramatic reasons that can cause Nausea in the game. A character could have eaten something that is causing the Nauseous moodlet in Project Zomboid. Rotten and raw foods almost always cause Queasy or Nauseous sub-moodlets. Another reason behind Nauseous could be an infected injury. Check the list of injuries to see if any injuries are infected.  If this is the case, treat them immediately. Infected injuries can not only cause the Nauseous sub-moodlet, but they can also cause death if left unattended. Only normal injury infections show up and zombie injury infections do not register on the list. Healing deep wounds can be quite tricky in the game. Learn how you can heal deep wounds in the game with Project Zomboid: How To Heal A Deep Wound?

These are not the only reasons that can cause Nausea. If the character is in extreme pain or has been exposed to heat for too long in Project Zomboid, it can lead to the Nauseous sub-moodlet.

How To Cure The Nauseous Moodlet In Project Zomboid?

The cure for the Nauseous moodlet obviously depends on the cause behind it in Project Zomboid. Like we stated before, you can not do anything to save your character if they have an infected zombie wound. However, for other reasons, we have made a list of cures below.

Sick: If the character is falling Sick, rest will help heal them quickly. Ensure that the character gets enough sleep and food in the game while Nauseous. This will help them heal up quickly. In addition, building up your cooking skills will lead to better quality meals that make for a better-fed character. The quality of furniture used can also play an important part. Higher quality furniture like Beds leads to a better quality of rest.

Project Zomboid Nauseous

Heat Exposure: Has your character been outside for a long while in hot weather? This can also lead them to feel Nauseous in Project Zomboid. Also, ensure that the character is wearing weather-appropriate clothes. Wearing a sweater in sweltering summer can cause anyone to feel Nauseous and your character is no different. To cure Nausea caused by heat exposure, take the character inside for a while. Wear lighter clothing and consume liquids. This should eventually heal the Nauseous Moodlet.

Injury Or Pain: If your character has an infected injury, they can end up feeling Nauseous. Heal the wound by cleaning and bandaging it regularly. Deep wounds need a little more attention than regular wounds. In addition, if your character is in a lot of pain, take medications to better deal with it.

Food: If your character has consumed food that is rotten or raw, they may end up feeling Nauseous. There is no specific way to fix this except to let it run its course. Meanwhile, ensure that the character has plenty of rest and healthy food.

That is all there is to know about how to fix the Nauseous sub-moodlet in Project Zomboid. For more Project Zomboid tips and tricks, see How To Get To Louisville In Project Zomboid?