How To Get To Louisville In Project Zomboid?

Louisville is a new area that has been released in Project Zomboid.

Louisville is a new map that has recently been released in Project Zomboid. It is a massive new location so players are understandably excited to explore it. However, there are no spawn points in Louisville yet. The only way players can enter the location right now is by foot. Some players have had some difficulties finding Louisville in Project Zomboid. Today, we will tell you exactly how to get to Louiseville in Project Zomboid.

How To Get To Louisville In Project Zomboid?


Players can find Louisville on the Far East side of the Project Zomboid landscape. The new area is situated to the north of Valley Station. It is a massive addition to the game and players should start exploring to get ahead in the game. Vehicles can drive part of the way to Louisville. However, there are roadblocks and obstacles to prevent players from driving all the way to the new location. Below is a map of Louisville posted by u/Catatafish on Reddit. It will help players get a better idea of exactly where to find Louisville.

How To Reach Louisville In Project Zomboid?

It is quite challenging to get to Louisville as the new Project Zomboid area has been blocked off. Players cannot climb the fencing that blocks the area as it has barbed wires on top of it. However, there are two ways players can get access to Louiseville.

Main Road

The first way to reach Louisville is through the main road of Valley Station. It is the simplest way to get through to Louisville as players can just take the highway located to the northeast of Valley Station. Players can walk once they hit the roadblocks and cannot use a vehicle. Next, players can open the wire gate and walk-in. If the gate is locked, it can be broken with the help of a sledgehammer.


The second way to get into Louiseville in Project Zomboid is through the fence where it is broken. It is a great way for players looking to avoid direct confrontation with zombies.

This is how players can get to Louiseville in Project Zomboid. For more Project Zomboid, browse through our Project Zomboid Guides.