Project Zomboid: How To Board Up Windows?

Players can use wooden planks, metal sheets, or metal bars to board up windows in Project Zomboid.

Barricading can be an important element to surviving in Project Zomboid. The zombie-infested world of Project Zomboid can often get too much to handle and players can board up their windows to get a moment of peace. There are many ways to board up the windows. Players can use wooden planks, metal sheets, or metal bars to do this. Let us look at all the ways to board up windows and escape the zombies’ notice.

How To Board Up Windows In Project Zomboid?

1. Board Up Windows With Wooden Planks

The wooden planks are the weakest material to board up the windows in Project Zomboid. Still, something is better than nothing and wooden planks do shield the players from being spotted by the zombies. Players will need Nails, a Hammer, and Wooden Planks to board up their windows. Each window can be boarded up with 3 planks. To start boarding up the windows with wooden planks:

  • Select a window to board up.
  • Right-Click on the window.
  • Click Barricade (Planks).
  • The character would now start to board up the window with the wooden planks.

Project Zomboid Board Window

2. Board Up Windows With Metal Sheets

A bit more secure than wooden planks, Metal Sheet barricades require items that are hard to find in the game. Players would need a Propane torch and a Welding Rod to start barricading with Metal Sheets. To barricade with Metal Sheets:

  • Select the window.
  • Right-click the window.
  • Select the ‘Barricade (Metal Sheet)’ option.
  •  The character would now start the barricading process with a little green bar over their head showing the progress.

Project Zomboid Board Window 1

This is how players can board up their windows in Project Zomboid to avoid detection by zombies. However, it would not be possible for players to use these windows as Sheet Rope getaways once they’ve boarded them.

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