Project Zomboid Queasy Moodlet: What Is It And How To Cure It?

There are 19 main moodlets in the game

Project Zomboid is a post-apocalypse survival game where the basic goal of players is to stay alive for as long as possible. Apart from zombies, players can also die due to sickness, starvation, or injuries. The game also has a moodlet mechanism that tells you how the character is feeling at the moment. There are 19 main moodlets in the game which further have sub-moodlets to determine the intensity of it. Today, we will discuss the Queasy moodlet in Project Zomboid.

Queasy Moodlet In Project Zomboid

What Is The Queasy Moodlet?

The Queasy moodlet is an indicator that your character is about to fall ill in Project Zomboid. It is the first stage in the Sick moodlet and is followed by Nauseous where players will begin to lose strength and healing. If unattended, the Queasy moodlet can escalate into Fever which can lead to death in the game. If you’ve chosen the Hypochondriac trait for your character, they will feel Queasy from time to time without any cause. However, it is best to be on the lookout for potential causes if your character is feeling Queasy. The best way to overcome the Queasy moodlet is to “Take things easy” as the game suggests. You can know if your character is Queasy by looking for a green symbol similar to the sick emoji.

Queasy Project Zomboid

Why Does The Character get Queasy In Project Zomboid?

The worse reason behind the Queasy moodlet is a zombie infection. However, there are other less threatening reasons that could also lead to the Queasy moodlet in the game. For example, a character that has eaten bad food can get the Queasy trait in Project Zomboid. Bad foods include rotten or raw foods that are unsuitable for consumption. Infections from regular injuries can also cause the quest trait. If the character is feeling Queasy due to an injury infection, players should tend to the injury soon. While it is easy to heal cuts and bruises, deep wounds take a lot more time and effort. Learn how to heal deep wounds with Project Zomboid: How To Heal A Deep Wound?

Moreover, extreme pain and heat can also cause the character to be Queasy. However, if your character has been in a fight with a zombie recently, it might be possible that the zombie has infected the character. In this case, it is too late for the character and they are going to die. Zombie infections do not show up in the health tab, unlike regular infections. Check the health tab to see if you have infected next to the injury for your character. If it shows that the wound is infected, it is a regular infection and not a zombie infection.

Queasy Project Zomboid 1

How To Cure Queasy In Project Zomboid?

The cure for Queasy depends on the reason behind it. Below we will list the possible reasons for the Queasy moodlets and their cures.

  • Heat Exposure: If your character has been exposed to too much heat, they may become Queasy. It is easy to fix this by remaining indoors and cooling off.
  • Sick: Characters can get Queasy before they fall sick. In such cases, rest and food will help them get better. Rest is mandatory for a character suffering from queasiness due to sickness. In severe cases, you can give painkillers and medications to heal your character faster. The quality of furniture that you rest on also plays a part in the quality of relaxation your character gets. Sleep in places like beds to have the best relaxation levels. Building up the cooking skill is also a great way to ensure that you are eating good food in the game.
  • Injury Infection: If it is a regular infection, clean the wound and take medications to heal it. There is not much you can do if the character has a zombie bite infection.

This is how players can cure themselves of the Queasy moodlet in the game. Learn more Project Zomboid tips and tricks with Games Adda’s Project Zomboid Guides.