Project Zomboid: How To Heal A Deep Wound?

It is important to address a deep wound quickly

Project Zomboid is a post-apocalypse zombie survival game. It pits players against zombies but that’s not all gamers have to survive in the game. There are also regular calamities like disease, injury, and starvation to deal with. In fact, injuries are a big reason behind a lot of players dying in the game. While small injuries like cuts and bruises can heal quickly, the same is not true for deep wounds. It is important to address a deep wound quickly or players might get their run cut short in Project Zomboid. Here’s how to heal deep wounds in the game.

How To Heal A Deep Wound In Project Zomboid?

A deep wound causes health and blood loss to the players as well as quite some amount of pain. Players can sustain such an injury if they break through windows with bare hands or climb through a broken window. In addition, a deep wound can also be caused by falling down a level or getting in an accident while driving. Getting hit with an ax can also cause a deep wound in Project Zomboid. These wounds are slow to heal and require constant attention to get better. Simply cleaning and bandaging the wound will not heal it in the game, unlike small cuts and bruises.

Deep Wound Project Zomboid

A deep wound needs to be stitched up with a suture needle or a thread and needle to get better. While both these options will work fine, a suture needle will cause lesser pain to the players. Healing also depends on the player’s medical skill. Those with lower medical skills will require more time to heal. Also, much like in real life, food and rest go a long way to healing an injury quickly. Painkillers can help ease the suffering of players if they can find them. There is some debate among players if bandages actually help with the healing or just slow down the healing process.

This is how players can heal a deep wound in Project Zomboid To get more handy tips and tricks about Project Zomboid, check out Games Adda’s Project Zomboid Guides.