No Man’s Sky – NMS Nutrient Processor Recipe Guide

A nutrient processor in No Man’s Sky helps you cook multiple ingredients in the game.

The open space adventure originated from the genre of hack and slash took the gaming community by storm with its new companion update. An exploration-survival game set in the universe of science fiction features a variety of creatures, resources, and content. The latest update incorporates even more fascinating material to the already existing list.

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You can generate quite a lot of these contents with the help of Nutrient Processor which is technically an oven. Let’s dive into the specific and making of this useful product.

What Is Nutrient Processor in NMS?

It’s a portable base-building product that lets you cook tons of recipes using multiple ingredients. It doesn’t run on extra fuel or electric power and also allows you to make a 3 ingredient food. It just takes up to 5 sec to perform the operations in a 1:1 ratio. Its in-game description reads,

A portable nutrient extractor, able to process and refine gathered ingredients into edible food products. User is advised that consumption of generated products is entirely at their own risk.

Why You Need a Nutrient Processor?

You will need to build this product to generate enough food. When you consume the food cooked using it you can offer your character buffs or trade them in exchange for rewards on Anomaly.

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Most essentially, it’s a key to activate the taming and mounting creature ability in the game.

Nutrient Processor Recipe Ingredients

Before you skip right to the process you’ll need to collect a fair bit of resources and craft a couple of materials. Finding the resources is a very simple job. You’ll need 2 sheets of metal plating, one hermetic seal and 25 sodium unite. Here’s how to locate each item.

1. Metal Plating

For crafting 2 metal sheets you will need 100 units of ferrite dust. You can get them easily from the rocks across the galaxy. In case you don’t manage to procure them you can always mine them using multiple minerals.

2. Hermetic Seal

To produce a hermetic seal you will need to gather 30 condensed carbon units. It is no tough feat since you can easily find them in a significant amount of crystal formations.

3. Sodium

For Nutrient Processor you are required to have 25 sodium units available with you. They are available in lesser quantities as compared to ferrite dust and carbon. You can get some from the resource deposits or inside other minerals. Besides, you may also find them while hunting for other resources in the game. Nevertheless, you will be able to procure them using your scanner from sodium-rich yellow flowers.

Nutrient Processor Recipe

Finally, after collecting all the requisite ingredients you are all set to build Nutrient Processor. Take help from the blueprint provided below.

NMS-Nutrient-Processor-Recipe (1)

Once you have skillfully designed the Nutrient Processor, blend the culinary parts of plants and creatures and cook food or make a trap for you to tame and mount wildlife.

Good luck building your nutrient processor in NMS by following the instructions given in the article.