No Man’s Sky Pets – New Pokemon Layer Introduced In Space

No Man’s Sky’s new Companion update comes bearing rare pets.

Highly acclaimed No Man’s Sky (NMS)’s developers Hello Games do not fail to astonish us with every new update they release. They have successfully held onto their established player base and also keep attracting new users.

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Recently a new update for the game titled Companion has been unveiled and brings along new, free and exciting content that you must not miss experimenting with. The No Man’s Sky action-adventure that is built in an entirely new universe features special creatures that now can become your pets. Keep scrolling to learn about them in detail.

No Man’s Sky Pets

Like I mentioned above, the latest Companion update for NMS comes with a plethora of new exciting content for you to explore around. The new patch integrates an additional Pokemon layer enabling you to adopt pets for the first time in the game. Yes, you heard right! Now you can have your own pets in the game. This incorporates new pet-related systems in the game which are listed further.

NMS Pets System

  • There are innumerable systems incorporated in the game supposedly,
  • You are allowed to adopt alien creatures as pets.
  • You can invent a new species by breeding together two different creatures.
  • You will also witness the growing baby pets.
  • You can train your pets as well and make them do mining resources, hunting creatures, and other similar works.
  • You can even trade your pet eggs with other players in the game.
  • You will be allowed to adopt not more than 6 pets.

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  • However, you can purchase extra storage slots for several nanites.
  • The most interesting thing, you can speak with your pets in the game.
  • Each pet in the game has unique personalities.
  • You can pass on your physical and genetic traits to them.
  • You can also make massive creatures your companion. The best example will be Green
  • Sauropod Dinosaur about which we have covered in the article – A No Man’s Sky Player Accidentally Hatched A Massive Dinosaur

So, have luck collecting cool aliens, make them your pet, breed a brand new creature as well assign them various activities.

Final Verdict

The new Companion update for NMS is pretty impressive however unlike Pokemon, this hack and slash title does not entail a fighting system against other player’s aliens. Also like mentioned earlier, collecting all the creatures in the game is just a mere dream with only 6 slots available unless you afford nanites to buy more storage slots. Overall, Hello Games made sure to provide its users with an extremely good gameplay experience with an impressive storyline.

That’s all we got on No Man’s Sky pets. Enjoy the adventurous ride with your new companions.