A No Man’s Sky Player Accidentally Hatched A Giant Dinosaur

It's rather unusual that the No Man’s Sky player hatched a huge Dinosaur in the latest Companions patch.

Bearer of Best Ongoing Games and Most Anticipated Game Awards, No Man’s Sky is an excursion survival game created by Hello Games. This incredible science fiction experience is centered in a virtually unlimited universe.

Recently, Hello Games released a new Companion update for the game enabling space explorers to tame, train and breed weird yet amazing alien creatures as pets, and quite interestingly it also allows you to speak with them.

The new update also allows you to pass on your genetic traits to your alien pets, trade them with other players, store 6 pets, and increase your storage capacity by spending nanites.

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Additionally, in this space simulation, you will also notice a new Pokemon layer, you can take advantage of your pets by allotting them work like mining resources, hunting creatures, preparing hazards, and such.

However, you will be required to take immense care of your companions by feeding them proper food and paying maximum possible attention.

Coming to the strange part, you may be treated with giant creatures usually Dinosaurs. When your pets lay eggs there may be a possibility for acquiring a unique variety of Dinosaur details for which are given below.

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Green Sauropod

Did you know that now, with the launch of a new Companion upgrade in No Man’s Sky, you can tame, train and breed massive dinosaur species? Even the maker didn’t know this, courtesy to the Hello Games boss Sean Murray, who, while testing the fresh items bred an egg that hatched into the unique Dinosaur. Do you know what this creature is named? It’s called Green Sauropod Dinosaur.

This creature is so huge that it can barely accommodate your screen and make you look insignificant as you stand beside it. Below is the tweet by Sean Murray.

It is no wonder that even after been so many years in the market, the action title has managed to retained and attract new players with its amazing content and narrative arc taking place in altogether another galaxy.

Good luck with the game and hopefully you may score another biggest companion who helps you with all the in-game activities.