Hermetic Seal In NMS: How To Get Hermetic Seal In No Man’s Sky NEXT?

There are many ways to obtain a Hermetic Seal In NMS. Here's a completed guide on How To Get Hermetic Seal In No Man's Sky NEXT?

No Man’s Sky is an exploration survival game and focuses on players experiencing infinite freedom, or uncover the secrets of the universe. As you land on this whole new world you will have to start exploring and completing certain tasks. Obtaining Hermetic Seal In NMS is one of them if you are lucky enough to get your hands on and begin with the game’s starter planet that has high radiation and aggressive drones immediately targeting you.

About Hermetic Seal In No Man’s Sky NEXT

This is one of the most important items that you must find on the planet. Only after having the Hermetic Seal will you be able to fly your spacecraft. Meaning without it you will be stuck on the planet. Before you jump on to finding the seal make sure you have first repaired most of your spacecraft.

How To Get Hermetic Seal In NMS

How To Get Hermetic Seal In NMS?

Getting your hands on this Hermetic Seal is not gonna be easy. Since it cannot be crafted on all planets so you will have to find it on the planet that you are on. The procedure can be quite confusing and does require your attention on its step-by-step process. So guys buckle up and follow the instruction we have given below carefully.

Step 1:- Try and repair most of your spacecraft and board it.

Step 2:- Once you step inside the spacecraft you must first inspect the Pulse Engine.

Step 3:- You will be prompted by the game to locate and use a Distress Beacon.

Step 4:- While inspecting the Distress Beacon take the Navigational Data module.

Step 5:- After which you will be able to build yourself a Signal Booster. (This will help you locate a Hermetic Seal)

Step 6:- For building a Signal Booster you will need access to a blueprint, 50 Iron, and 25 Plutonium.

Step 7:- Then go ahead and give the Signal Booster to the task of  “Find a Nearby Structure.”

Step 8:- You will get coordinates from the Signal Booster to explore.

Step 9:- With help of these coordinates explore the area until you stumble upon the area with a Hermetic Seal

Step 10:- You may either find the area to the Hermetic Seal or with a Technology Vendor offering Hermetic Seals.

How To Get Hermetic Seal In NMS

Depending on the planet that you are on you will be able to get Carbon and Condensed Carbon which can also be used to crafting a Hermetic Seal In NMS. Now you are all set to depart from the planet that you are stranded on.