No Man’s Sky Egg Sequencer Guide – Location, Usage, Materials Required

This guide explains the No Man’s Sky Egg Sequencer in a detailed yet easy manner.

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games often adds interactive elements to the slash and hash title. The latest Companion edition published by them is optimized solely around the wildlife of the game.

You are now allowed to breed your own alien pets and bring your favorite discoveries with you on space journeys. Feed them to produce babies or take the egg to the Space Anomaly for genetic altering. Either engineer adorable wonders or monstrous nightmare.

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You are now allowed to breed your own alien pets and carry your precious creations on space adventures. Feed them to make babies or carry the egg to the Space Anomaly for genetic manipulation. Either create cute miracles or hideous tragedies.

No Man’s Sky Egg Sequencer Guide

However, when breeding animals, things get dicey when you’re about to select merit-based genetic characteristics or work out how to unfold the upcoming batch of wildlife companions. However, don’t worry; we’re at your service to assist you with everything that concerns the egg sequencer in No Man’s Sky. Let’s dive into the No Man’s Sky Egg Sequencer Guide.

Locate Egg Sequencer

Locating the Egg Sequencer in No Man’s Sky is pretty easy. Just understand the directions given below:

  • Go to the Anomaly section of the game.
  • Now, spot the Egg Sequencer just beside the traveller who has taken up the duty to rate the food you provide them with.
  • If you are still confused, glance at the right back corner while facing away from the exit.

Use Egg SequencerNo-Man's-Sky-Egg-Sequencer

You will fill up a total of 5 slots, the one above supports any eggs from your inventory, and the other 4 beneath lets you modify the physical characteristics and personality of the creature you desire, such as weight, height, skin tone, anatomy, etc.

Now, click on any slot and fill it with the resources accessible in the game However, you will have to keep testing until you are an expert in sorting out the potential of every resource.

The resources which you loaded in the slot, maximizes or minimizes the parameters and often end up overdosing the egg resulting in more than possible mutations. But don’t bother since with time and practice you’ll get a proper hang on it.

Get Eggs

To get obtain eggs make sure the animal is your companion and is fed at least once. Next, register the animal to your companion’s list and patiently wait for 24 hours. After 24 hours the creature will lay several eggs usually up to 5.

Their certain aspects need to be considered such as,

  • For your creature to lay eggs, its relationship meter must always be filled. You can fill up the meter by feeding your animal and spending time with it.
  • Your animal must not be too young.
  • Your animal must lay eggs in its native climate.


You can overdose middle two slots with just the right materials like Pugneum and Platinum for the Gene Splitter slot. If you overdose with the wrong content then no matter the quantity the outcome will always be unstable leading to genetic alterations.

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Recommended Materials

As mentioned above, you may use Pugneum and Platinum for the Gene Splitter slot, further, you may fill the Growth Hormone slot with Silver, Sodium, and Oxygen for producing large companions. For smaller creature pets you may load up the Growth Hormone slot with Dust, Tritium, and Copper.

The dye injector slot determines your companion’s colour hence you can use the below-listed materials for specified colour.

  • Pure Ferrite – Orange – Purple Hues
  • Antimatter – White – Red Hues
  • The Ammonia – Green
  • Carbon – Red Blue Hues
  • Sodium – Brown
  • Condensed Carbon – Red – Gray/Green Hues
  • Uranium – Purple

Lastly, the Neural Calibrator as the name suggests determines the creature’s personality. For independent or devoted companions use the costly Walker Brains. If you wish for your creature to be hostile then opt for Indium, Phosphorous, or Salt, and on the contrary for a helpful and kind creature use Oxygen, Carbon, or Ferrite Dust.

With this, No Man’s Sky Egg Sequencer Guide concludes. Hope this tutorial comes in handy to you.