Little Nightmares 2 All Collectibles – Glitching Remains, Hats, Achievements & Trophies

This article will show you how to gather all the collectibles in Little Nightmares 2.

The most-awaited sequel to Little Nightmares is officially out and has created waves for its powerful and bizarre gameplay. The horror-mystery Little Nightmares 2 takes you to the spine-chilling adventure tale of Six and Mono. This instant hit title has made the fans go crazy, leaving them to crave for more.

Just in case you are planning to target 100% execution of the game then there are a few achievements and awards that will direct you throughout the game. However, to earn them under your name you must get all the collectibles available in Little Nightmares 2.

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So if you’re in for a terrifying roller coaster ride, then stay anchored until the end, because this article will further assist you with all the Little Nightmares 2 collectibles – glitching remains and hats.

Little Nightmares 2 All Collectibles

It could happen while you’re on your trip to the spooky Pale City of Little Nightmares 2, you’ll discover some cool hats and glitching remains that are literally ghosts of lost children. These are nothing but what we call collectibles in the game that will help you secure trophies and achievements. We’ve subdivided them chapter-wise just for your ease so let’s get started.

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Little Nightmares 2 Hat Achievements And Trophies

Little Nightmares 2 features 12 hats and collecting them all will earn you the following 3 achievements or trophies,

  • 1. Gathering 6 hats get you Half Hat achievement or trophy.
  • 2. Gathering all 12 gets you a Far Ahead achievement or trophy.
  • 3. Finally, when you complete the game you will earn the last hat – The Fedora Hat. This hat gets you How Do I Look? achievement or trophy.

Little Nightmares 2 Hat Locations

This segment brings you all the cool and quirky hat locations for Mono that are secretly hidden in the Pale City areas.

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Chapter 1 – The Wilderness

1. Mokujin Mask – This is a default pre-order hat that automatically features at the start of the game.

2. Coonskin Hat – This hat is located down the hallway towards the door’s left in Hunter’s Home.

3. Rain Hat – You will stumble upon this hat in a cage once you cross the broken bridge. Jump to the cages beside it, then crawl to the top of the hanging cage and climb on it to pull the hat down.

4. Nome Hat (Nome’s Attic DLC) – After getting your hands on the keys in the attic, follow the Nome to get this hat.

Chapter 2 – The School

1. Soccer Ball Hat – Move towards the Schoolyard and search for the hat above the dumpster by the front door.

2. Tin Can Hat – Head to the library, reposition the ladder to the second shelf, and climb upwards.

Chapter 3 – The Hospital

1. Stuffed Bear Hat – Locate the bookshelf in the playroom just beside the X-ray machine and climb towards the right.

2. Mummy Hat – While finding the key in the morgue, search for the hat behind the door on the bottom left of the table.

Chapter 4 – The Pale City

1. Police Hat – If you slide down to use the vent rather than running to the other end of the room when you first enter the post office, go left and you will spot a hidden area with this hat.

2. Flap cap – You will discover this hat on a rack in the back left corner of the toy shop. Just push the shopping cart to reach the hat.

Chapter 5 – The Signal tower

1. The Thin Man’s Hat – Once you complete the game it automatically makes it to your inventory.

Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Achievements And Trophies

Little Nightmares 2 features 18 glitching remains and collecting them all will earn you the following 5 achievements or trophies,

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  • 1. 4 glitching remains from chapter 1 Wilderness will get you the Wild Kids achievement or trophy.
  • 2. 6 glitching remains from chapter 2 School will get you the School Kids achievement or trophy.
  • 3. 4 glitching remains from chapter 3 Hospital will get you the Sick Kids achievement or trophy.
  • 4. 4 glitching remains from chapter 4 Pale City will get you the Pale Kids achievement or trophy.
  • 5. 18 glitching remains from the Little Nightmares 2 will get you the No More Remains achievement or trophy.

Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Locations

Besides Mono’s quirky hats, you will also need another collectible to complete your target. This collectible is glitching remains and they can be found around the Pale City in the form of ghosts of lost children. Hence, this segment outlines all the locations from where you can grab all 18 glitching remains.

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Upon clicking it you will be redirected to our other blog describing all the locations for glitching remains and with this our exhaustive tutorial on Little Nightmares 2 All Collectibles concludes. I hope this blog turns out beneficial for you.