Little Nightmares 2: List Of All Story Mode, Collectible & Secret Achievements

Here's a complete list of all Little Nightmares 2 achievements.

Little Nightmares 2 is the latest puzzle-platformer horror video game developed by Tarsier Studios. The game might have got positive reviews from gaming websites but it has left many wondering about the number of achievements it has.

Ever since Little Nightmares II released, there are tons of players who have been having trouble knowing the total number of achievements. If you too don’t know anything about Little Nightmares 2 achievement then don’t worry, we got you back.

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For the uninitiated, there are 35 achievements in Little Nightmares 2. Not all achievements are connected to Story Mode. Some Little Nightmares 2’s achievements are either connected to Story mode or in-game collectibles.

Making your work a lot easier, we have brought to you a full list of Little Nightmares 2’s achievements along with their descriptions.

Little Nightmares 2 Achievements

Story Mode Related:

Title Achievement Description How To Complete
Foraged (Silver/ 30 points) Nature is terrifying things. Complete the 1st area.
True Colors (Bronze / 15 points) You never know when you need protection from the elements. Watch Six wearing her iconic raincoat.
Schooled (Silver/30 points) Best Days of your short, terrible life. Complete the 2nd area.
Hospitalized (Silver/ 30 points) Are you sure you don’t need any further treatments? Complete the 3rd area.
Paled (Silver/ 30 points) Life in the big city is all over. Complete the 4th area.
Signal Interruption (Gold/ 60 points) It’s all over now. Complete the 5th area.

Collectible Related:

Title Achievement Description How To Complete
Wild Kid (Silver/ 30 Points) Nothing of us remains in the Wilderness. Collect all of the Glitching Remains in the 1st area.
School Kids (Silver/ 30 Points) Nothing of us remains at the School. Collect all of the Glitching Remains in the 2nd area.
Sick Kids (Silver / 30 Points) Nothing of us remains in the Hospital. Collect all of the Glitching Remains in the 3rd area.
Pale Kids (Silver/ 30 Points) Nothing of us remains in the Pale City. Collect all of the Glitching Remains in the 4th area.
No More Remains (Gold/ 75 points) Nothing of us remains anywhere. Bravo. Collect all of the Glitching Remains in the game.
Half Hat (Bronze/ 20 points) It would be cliché to collect them all. Collect half of the hats.
Far Ahead (Gold/ 75 points) Hats are very important to some people. Collect all of the hats.

It should be noted that the above-mentioned achievements do not require the DLC hats.

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Title Achievement Description How To Complete
Evasive prey (Silver / 30 points) Not Today. Traverse through the bear traps without getting killed.
Fair Prey (Bronze / 15 points) It’s not murder if they’re bad people… is it? Shoot the Hunter while wearing the coonskin cap.
What’s in the box?! (Bronze / 20 points) What did you expect to see in there? Open the refrigerator in the kitchen of the Hunter’s shack.
Twenty-Six (Bronze / 20 points) Relax, she heard you! Call Six 26 times.
In The Palm Of My Hand (Silver / 30 points) Hold tight and we’ll be just fine. Hold Six’s hands for 6 minutes.
Referee! (Bronze / 15 points) Unorthodox, but they all count! Walk through the soccer goal in the schoolyard while wearing the ball hat.
Fly Free (Bronze / 15 points) Rebellion at its finest! After climbing into the School, go to the room with the bunk beds. Grab the paper plane and throw it outside the window.
Bully of Bullies (Silver / 30 points) Creative, efficient, brutal. Top of the class! In the classroom, make Mono get compromised. The Teacher will command three Bullies to chase him. Run to the room with the bookshelf. Climb the bookshelf while the Bullies try to catch you. The bookshelf will fall and eventually killing all three Bullies.
Merciful feat (Bronze / 20 points) Tempting, so tempting… Do not kill the leashed Bully with a dunce cap.
Mono Tones (Bronze / 15 points) My, what a curious song you play! Walk along with the keys on the hanging piano.
Hunger (Bronze / 15 points) Plenty of snacks for a growing boy. Interact with the vending machine 6 times in the Hospital.
X Best Friends (Bronze / 15 points) I see through you… Scan Mono and Six in the x-ray while holding hands.
Toys Are For Kids (Bronze / 15 points) There, you’ll be much warmer now. Incinerate a toy in the crematorium while wearing the Teddy bear’s head.
…And Stay Dead! (Bronze / 15 points) Better to be safe than sorry. Hit a hand three or more times after death.
Popcorn (Silver / 30 points) Movie night on the ward – all taken care of! After attaching the first fuse to a power cable, you’ll enter a room with a corn. Grab the corn, then go back to the crematorium and incinerate it.
Objection (Silver / 30 points) Some holes are more picky than others. Grab a piece of cheese in a cell in one of the Patients’ corridors. Go backward, where you will see a gap in the bars. Go through and enter the room with the pit in the middle, then throw the cheese into the pit.
Medicine ball (Bronze / 15 points) Any other last requests? Grab a ball and throw it to the Patients’ arm that scrabbles through the boards to occur a small game of catch.
First do no harm (Bronze / 15 points) It’s crueller to let him live. Spare the Doctor instead of burning him alive.
Unladylike (Silver / 30 points) Hello, have we met? After zipping down with a coathanger, go back up the window and walk through the roof. Travel through the window beside and enter the room. Throw the Lady statue to break it.
Post Industrial (Silver / 30 points) You punctuated someone’s day. Maybe they’ll notice! Wear the postman cap. When you are in the dump area, open a suitcase and grab the package inside. Go to the far left, and you’ll find a hatch on the door, then interact with it.
How Do I Look? (Bronze / 15 points) Perfect! It’s so…You! Equip the fedora you collected by beating the game.
Primetime Content Consumer (Platinum / 80 points) Your life is now free of challenges. Congratulations. Unlock all of the achievements.

This list of Little Nightmares 2’s achievements might be a bit confusing for you if you have not started playing the game.

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