All 18 Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Locations

Collect all the 18 Glitching remains of the game for the Secret Ending of Little Nightmares 2. Glitching remains show up as collectibles that you can scoop up to obtain achievement and also guides you to a mysterious ending if collected all.

These shadowy figures that you spot time and again are nothing but the ghosts of the lost children clad in trousers, suspenders, and a shirt. They get affected by The Signal Tower and hidden in several different areas of the city.

There are a total of 18 Glitching remains and this guide will walk you through all the Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Locations broken down chapter-wise.

Glitching Remains Achievements And Trophies

Gathering Little Nightmares 2 Glitching remains scores you 5 achievements and trophies.

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Chapter 1 – 4 Wild Kids Achievements/Trophies

1. In the first chapter, you will come along a broken bridge; slide down to crawl up the other side, and on the right, you will come across a hidden path that will take you to the remnants of the Glitching remains.

2. Remove the trap alongside the tree trunk, hop down and turn left. Crawl through the hole find the Glitching remains beside the dead animal.

3. Once you grab the keys and run away from the Hunters house, before entering the shed go to the outhouse to get boosted by the 6 and find the Glitching remains inside.

4. Grab the Glitching remains by the TV once you hit the beach of Pale City.

Chapter 2 – 6 School Kids Achievements/Trophies

1. Upon completing the Tv Puzzle quest, ascend the stairs with the Six and move towards the doorway on the left side. You will earn the 5th Glitching remains inside.

2. Collect the next Glitching remains by the tricycle at the back corner of the Schoolyard.
Search the third locker just before the Teacher’s classroom to find the next Glitching remains.

3. Open the 3rd locker just outside the Teacher’s classroom and get the Glitching remains sitting inside.

4. Upon exiting the library, climb the staircase and you will discover the Glitching remains to the left side.

5. Search for the metal shelves positioned pretty close to the kitchen on the left side. You will reach the vent, enter to get the next Glitching remains.

6. The last Glitching that remains in chapter 2 is placed beside the paper boat down the alley.

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Chapter 3 –4 Sick Kids Achievements/Trophies

1. The first Glitching that remains in chapter 3 is accessible only when you get the flashlight. You can spot it in the next room over the beds.

2. Next, open the door using a key obtained from the X-Ray Puzzle. You can easily see them sitting at the very far end of the hallways with prosthetic limbs.

3. To collect the next Glitching remains, you have to move along the vent in the hospital room and go towards the hallways. To the bottom right corner of the gate, there will be a hole in which you need to crawl. Now head inside and at the left side by the hold, you will get other Glitching remains.

4. Find a box placed in the back left corner of the shower room by the switchboard. Move it to open a vent and crawl your way till you find the Glitching remains by the bathtub.

Chapter 4 – 4 Pale Kids Achievements/Trophies

1. The minute you defeat the doctor, exit the hospital to land on the streets of the city. Walk the street and at the far end, you will locate a manhole, climb down the ladder and fetch your next Glitching.

2. For the next Glitching remains you must solve the elevator puzzle, move left from the top of the elevator to find a box. Place the box leftwards and crawl the vent.

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3. Move right alongside The Signal Tower and climb the window for the next Glitching remains.

4. Finally, to get the 18th Glitching remains, get done with the mailroom. Ride down the hanger to the next building, turn around and hop out of the window. Climb the roof to the next window on the right and get in to earn the last remaining Glitching remains.

These are the 18 Little Nightmares 2 Glitching Remains Locations that you will have to gather.