What Happened To Six In Little Nightmares 2?

Here's why Six betrayed Mono in Little Nightmares II?

Little Nightmares 2 is the most talked-about horror video game right now. It has been a week since it launched but it has already become everyone’s favourite horror game. There are many players who have already completed the game and uploaded videos of Little Nightmares 2 endings.

Those who have not completed the game have been wondering what happened to Six in Little Nightmares II. What fans are mostly asking on the internet is ‘Is Little Nightmares 2 is a prequel?’ or ‘has Six dropped Mono at the end of Little Nightmares 2?’

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If you really want to know the ending of Little Nightmares II, you can watch the following video:

What Happened To Six In Little Nightmares 2?

There are fans who are claiming that Little Nightmares 2 is not a sequel but a prequel. Apart from its prequel theory, there are people who claimed that the game has multiple endings, leaving thousands of players a bit confused.

Since we have not completed the game as of yet, we can’t answer your question. Once you complete Little Nightmares 2, all of your doubts will be cleared. If you can’t wait to complete the game, you can watch the above-embedded video.

If anything to go by a YouTube video, Six drops Mono at the end of Little Nightmares 2. The reason behind dropping Mono is he has a connection with the Thin Man. Instead of waiting for bad things to happen, Six decides to drop Mono and move forward.

Since there are multiple theories that are making rounds on social media, a theory suggests the Thin Man is nothing but a Mono. He takes this extreme step when he was betrayed by Six. As soon as we get more information on this topic, we will update this post.

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