How To Use New Feature Dynamic Duo In Free Fire?

New Dynamic Duo Feature In Free Fire OB26 update is out now. Here's how to use this new feature Dynamic Duo In Free Fire

arena Free Fire is one of the most popular battle royale games. It has become of of the most downloaded games on mobile globally. The developers of the game are always on the lookout to enhance the game’s features and to increase its popularity among gamers. Recently Garena unveiled the Dynamic Duo feature in the game alongside the OB26 update on the 9th of February.

The purpose of this new feature is to form an in-game bond with one of your gaming partner. By doing so you will be awarded premium in-game items after completing tasks together. Players that are wondering how you can avail these benefits go ahead and keep reading our article and get step by step guide on how you can use Dynamic Duo In Free Fire

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How to use the new Dynamic Duo feature in Free Fire 

Players will have to follow the steps that we have given below to get all benefits from the game’s new feature. 

Step 1: Buy one “Golden Vow” from the store. (For this you will have to spend 100 Diamonds)

Step 1: Go to the “Friends Section”

Step 1: Click on the “Dynamic Duo” option.

Step 1: You will see an “Add” icon in the lower right corner click on it. 

Step 1: Choose a friend that you wish to pair within the “Dynamic Duo” system (One unit of Golden Vow will be debited)

Also, you will have to make sure that the pattern that you wish to form a dynamic connection with will have to accept your offer within eight hours. If the time limit has crossed your request will automatically get rejected and the deducted Golden Vow will get credited back to your account. 

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You will also be unable to cancel the established Dynamic Duo bond within the first 24 hours. But if you wish you can go ahead and terminate a connection by going to the tab Dynamic Dua in Free Fire Game and requesting to dissolve the bond. 

How To Get Gold Vow For Dynamic Duo In Free Fire? 

Since it is not possible to purchase diamonds for all players many can’t buy the Golden Vow. And if you are unable to get any diamonds to purchase them then you needn’t worry. Since Garena was giving out one Golden Vow for free to players who had log in to the game on February 14th. If you had logged in on that day then go ahead and check the game to see if you have received any Golden Vow or not. 

Also to those who were not able to receive the Golden Vow on the14th of Feb do not need to worry. You can still get it through diamonds. This is why we would like you to go ahead and check our article on Garena Free Fire Diamonds Hack which will help you get diamonds for free. You will also be able to get more free diamonds through various Apps