Free Fire Dynamic Duo System OB26 Update: How To Find Your Partner

Play with your other half in the game with the introduction of the new dynamic duo system in the Free Fire OB26 version.

Garena Free Fire has made great strides and has become a global phenomenon in the genre of royal battle shooting. The title experienced a continuous influx of user-base, props to its creators for consistently introducing new elements, features, enhancements, etc. into the game.

One such fascinating feature titled Dynamic Duo System is being integrated into the latest Free Fire OB26 iteration. What is Dynamic Duo System? How does it work? What are the benefits? Here’s everything you should know about this couple feature.

What is the Dynamic Duo System?

This is not an entirely new concept, particularly for those who are already indulged in shooting survival games. The Couple System has been introduced in a host of online games, particularly MMORPG games. Therefore, Free Fire has also embedded this new feature for Players in its new OB26 upgrade.

Players that participate in a Dynamic Duo System will be eligible for special in-game prizes such as skins, badges, missions, etc. This functionality has been made available on the 4th of February with the OB26 update.

How To Use Dynamic Duo System?

To use Dynamic Duo feature, you have to spend 100 Diamonds to send a marriage proposal/request to another player. If the proposed player approves the said request within 8 hours then you’ll become the couple otherwise request sent will be deemed rejected. Also note, you are allowed to make only 1 request at a time.

What are the benefits of the Dynamic Duo System?Dynamic-Duo-System

If the other person confirms your request, both of you will become a couple. Once you are married, a relationship badge and several other special prizes will be offered. There will be a relationship point model with incentives. These points can be collected by playing together or offering gifts to each other.

You and your partner will get a total of 500 relationship points a week. Both of you’ll also earn double the rewards on your anniversary day. All players in the match will be able to see your relationship badge and level, which may not be a very wonderful sign, since they’ll be insecure and concentrate only on you.

Can You Opt Out Of Dynamic Duo System?

Just like a real-life couple, you can break up a relationship with your partner if he/she agrees to do so and without paying a single penny. However, in case you and your partner reconsider it, you cannot send another relationship proposal within the first 48 hours after breaking up.

That’s all you need to know about the new Dynamic Duo system in Free Fire OB26 update.