Minecraft – How to Make Potion of Weakness?

This article will demonstrate how to create 3 potions of weakness in Minecraft. A detailed guide explained using pictures.

It’s no mystery that Minecraft is immensely influential since its launch in 2009. It has successfully grabbed the minds and imaginations of countless players across the world. Merchandise, school educators, movie, and people’s favourite Minecraft summer camps have burst into flames with the spark still spreading.

If you’re an ardent Minecraft player then you must be searching for ways to generate a weakness potion for your clone. If that’s the case then thankfully, your hunt ends here. In this guide, we will provide teach you how to produce a potion of weakness in Minecraft in the simplest way possible.

Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft

Minecraft’s potion of weakness has both positive and negative impacts. It is very effective to cure zombie villagers. However, it has the downside of reducing your attack strength to let you do less harm employing melee weapons. The outcome of this potion can be enhanced to last further, but it is not possible to brew the “Weakness II” potion.

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Where To Find Potion Of Weakness In Minecraft?Potion-of-weakness-1

You can easily spot the potion of weakness by navigating in the creative menu three slots just below flint and steel. It’ll be next to potions of strength and potion of decay

Essential Ingredients for Potion of Weakness

To create a potion of weakness, you’ll require the following materials:

1. Fermented Spider Eye
2. Crafting table
3. Blaze Powder
4. Water Bottle
5. Brewing Stand

The formula for a potion of weakness is easier than other potions. It does not need a hard potion to be brewed as a foundation. However, it can be tricky to create its key component: fermented spider eye because it demands brown mushrooms.

You’ll need a brewing stand to brew your potion. The trickiest aspect of this task is to acquire a nether fortress to find a blaze rod.

Lastly, you’ll need a blaze powder to fuel the brewing stand. And if you got lucky to find a rare nether fortress, you won’t be having any issue securing blaze powder. To get done with several recipes, you’ll require a 3X3 crafting menu of a crafting table.

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How To Make A Potion of Weakness?

Let’s begin with finding a brown mushroom. The easiest way to spot it is by locating a dark oak forest biome since they grew in a darker place. Similarly, you can search for caves and nether.

Potion-of-weakness However, dark oak 2X2 forest biomass spawns’ tallest mushrooms which you can spot right away.

Once, you’ve your hands-on bigger brown mushroom, break it down just using your hands to get many small brown mushrooms. In case you find it hard to find a dark oak forest, you can also search for mushrooms in the swamp.

The formula for fermented spider eyes demands explicitly brown mushrooms. Further, you’re supposed to find some sugar cane. They are generally sited along the riverside and often next to the water source block.Potion-of-weakness-Sugar cane thrives on dirt or sand. Harvest some of them and start hunting for spiders. Spider eyes are a weird drop rather than a thread or string. So, make sure you have your weapon handy to hunt them down.

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Potion-of-weakness-You must get the spider eye after searching and killing the spiders. Now, return home and create a fermented spider eye. To extract the sugar from sugarcane, put them into a crafting menu.Potion-of-weakness-

Place sugar, brown mushroom, and spider eye anywhere in the crafting menu to make a fermented spider eye.

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Now, to fuel your brewing stand, find some blaze. Since, the blaze can only generate near the nether fortress, protect yourself from fireball projectiles while collecting them. Slowly, try to grab as many blaze rods as you can.

Potion-of-weakness-Bring your blaze rods back to the overworld and pick some cobblestone. Position the three cobblestones along the bottom and the blaze rod above it exactly in the center to form a brewing stand.Potion-of-weakness-Now, convert the remaining blaze rods into blaze powder.Potion-of-weakness-Position your brewing stand in a safe place. Now the only thing left is to make glass bottles. Dig up sand and heath it in a furnace to produce a minimum of 3 glass pieces.Potion-of-weakness-To create glass bottles, make sure to place the glass into the crafting table in a “v” shape.Potion-of-weakness-
To fill up the water bottles, right-click on any of the available water sources with glass bottles in hand. Now put the filled water bottles at the bottom of the brewing stands. To fuel the brewing stand, make use of blaze powder by placing it in the top left slot.Potion-of-weakness- Finally, position the fermented spider eye in the brew and wait patiently.Potion-of-weakness-Ah, congratulations! You’re credited with three potions of weakness that will trigger weakness for a minute and thirty seconds If you wish to prolong the time, put the red stones in the brewing stand above these potions.Potion-of-weakness-Caution!! Use them carefully. They may be available but only you can drink these. It will make your melee attacks less dangerous. In the bedrock version, its negative impact is only 0.5 hearts less. While In java it will inflict two whole hearts lesser harm.

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Props to you! You’ve effectively brewed a fair niche potion. These potions can help you do less harm, so if you wish to challenge yourself, this is a great way to do it. They can also be enhanced to last longer or become splash potions that you can use to unleash on other foe mobs. Weakness is a detrimental effect but splashing your opponents with it can give you an advantage. Weakness is a negative outcome, but splashing your enemy with it will give you an edge.