Little Nightmares 2 guide: Signal Tower Door Puzzle Guide

The epilogue of this game is very complicated; well this article is published to help you master the tricky doors of the Signal Tower.

Signal Tower is the daunting concluding phase of Little Nightmares 2, and it encompasses a very complex spiral of doors. But don’t bother, this guide will assist you to wiggle through the mysterious halls of the Signal Tower.

The Signal Tower In Little Nightmares 2

Watch yourself being thrown into the confusing hallways of the Signal Tower in Little Nightmares 2. The maze of doors in the corridors is pretty confusing leaving you to wonder which one is the right door. This requires a certain trick and this piece of the article revolves around finding a way through

The Signal Tower’s Puzzle Doors

You’ll locate yourself standing next to the Signal Towers entrance after dealing with The Thin Man. Move towards the purple beam, and you’ll be directed to the long corridor. Walk to the huge door and, once the door is locked, navigate your way to the right door and you’ll find yourself at the base of the stairs. Now follow the article till the end if you want to maneuver your way to The Signal Tower hassle-free.

First Hallway

After stepping down the stairs, you will be taken to the hallway with two doors, one on the lower right and the other on the upper left. The secret to this hallway is to pay close attention to the music, it’s louder when you’re standing by the door you’re supposed to walk in.
Now follow the below pattern:

  1. Lower Right
  2. Lower Right
  3. Upper Left
  4. Upper Left

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Right-Left Hallway

After successfully finding your way through the 1st hallway you will be guided to a hallway that runs right to left. Again, the key to finding the correct door is to listen to the music.

  1. Ignore the first door
  2. Go to the rolled-up halfway door positioned in the middle.

Your hint to the next zone will be white sparkles coming out of Mono.

Second Hallway

Distance yourself from the light of the door and go back using the same door to the new corridor.

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Third Hallway

The third corridor of the Signal Tower has four doors, two on either side. The minute you enter two doors will be shut. In the 3rd corridor, the trick is to watch out for the white sparkle to emerge out of Mono while he’s standing in the light of the doorway. Music is also likely to be louder in the correct doorway. The correct order will be:

  1. Open the lower-left door but don’t step in.
  2. Upper left
  3. Upper right
  4. Lower right

This will guide you to another set of stairs.

Fourth Hallway

The fourth corridor features 7 doors, so it’s going to be pretty difficult to pass the hallway. The minute you enter, force the plank to build a bridge to the back half of the hall. Again, look out for music as you stand in the glory of the light of the doorway. The pattern this time will be:

  1. Bottom right
  2. Second from the bottom left
  3. Second from the top left

This will lead you to the next stairway. Descend the stairs and finally, you will be done with the gloomy hallways of the Signal Tower in the Little Nightmares 2.