How To Fix Little Nightmares 2 Not Launching Error

Are you facing Little Nightmare 2 game crashing, launching and loading errors? Then this guide will be your ultimate savior. Stay rooted till end and fix the issue.

The wait is over, and the horror mystery Little Nightmares 2 is now open to players to witness the adventurous tale of Mono and Six. This is a sequel to Little Nightmares, a puzzler that was an instant hit. Unquestionably, the game has already managed to draw big volumes on steam and in no time will surpass a significant player base.

The gameplay is fantastic, and many users are enjoying the seamless experience. But, several players are stuck on a bumpy ride with the game crashing at the start, not loading or launching.
If you are also experiencing the same issue then GamesAdda is here to help you with your frustration. We’ll show you how to fix Little Nightmares 2 not launching error. Stay anchored!

Little Nightmares 2 Not Launching Error

The startup failures in Little Nightmares 2 can be sparked by many factors and the case varies from user to user. We will provide you with every possible remedy to deal with the crisis, so make sure you implement it one by one time until the issue is settled.

Before we start, better hope you’re running Little Nightmares 2 on Windows 10 otherwise reading this guide any further is futile. Little Nightmares 2 operates only on Windows 10 64-bit version. This was clearly quoted on the Steam page of Little Nightmares 2. If you’re someone who uses Windows 7, 8.1, or a 32-bit OS, then unfortunately you’re out of luck.

And those who are lucky can keep scrolling further to check out multiple options to fix the error.

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1. Game Resolution

Ensure the game’s resolution matches with the monitor’s supported resolution or else run the game on a windowed screen. When the game crashes at the beginning itself you can’t seem to see the menu go to C Drive>Steam Folder>Little Nightmares 2 Config File and alter the resolution.

You can also launch the game in the windowed game by pursuing the below steps:

  • Step 1: Launch the Steam Client.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Little Nightmares 2 in Library.
  • Step 3: Right Click on the game and choose Properties.
  • Step 4: Select General Tab and click on Set Launch Options.
  • Step 5: In the empty space type –windowed- noborder.
  • Step 6: Hit OK and Exit.

This may resolve the issue otherwise execute the next methods in line.

2. Play On Default Settings.

It is always recommended to not mess with the game settings and play on default settings only. If you wish to change the settings then do so one at a time so when the game crashes you can easily understand which settings to look for. Also, try playing the game at lower or medium settings to avoid any potential issues.

3. Update Graphic/Sound Cards

Expired/corrupted GPU/Sound cards may be the root cause for such issues. If you have installed internal/external sound cards equipped with extra sound drivers besides the Windows update, don’t fail to update them as well. NVIDIA and AMD frequently launch 1-day game support driver updates which are available on their respective websites. In case the game gives troubles on NVIDIA’s Game Ready Driver then opt for Studio Drivers.

4. Clean Boot

Try starting the game on a Clean Boot environment using only important elements to run the OS. As 3rd party websites consume the system’s too many resources or butts in when the game runs, the game is likely to get crashed. Implement the following steps,

  • Step 1: Push Windows Key + R.
  • Step 2: Type msconfig and press enter.
  • Step 3: Right tick Hide all Microsoft Services from the Service tab.
  • Step 4: Click Disable all and move to start-up.
  • Step 5: Open Task Manager and Disable one task at a time.
  • Step 6: Restarts the system.

After PC boots up, launch the game and check if the problem persists or else move to the next remedy.

5. Update/Reinstall DirectX File

Often, a corrupted DirectX file triggers such an issue. Make sure your DirectX file is updated to the most recent version.

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6. Disable Overlock/Turbo Boosting

Make sure the game operates without any 3rd party websites which are used to Overlock the CPU/GPU or else the game will crash. Simply navigate to the computer BIOS settings and Disable Internal Turbo System. Also, reset the CPU/GPU to chipset manufacturer specifications.

7. Fix Corrupted Game Files

Follow the below steps and allow the Steam Client to repair the corrupted game file.

  • Step 1: Launch the Steam Client.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Little Nightmares 2 in Library.
  • Step 3: Right Click on the game and choose Properties.
  • Step 4: Go to Local Files.
  • Step 5: Click Verify Integrity of Game Files.
  • Step 6: Await the completion of the verification process.

Check if the issue still remains unsolved and if yes then head to the last remaining solution.

8. Disable Steam Overlay

Fix the game startup error by disabling the Steam Overlay. Go through the following steps,

  • Step 1: Launch the Steam Client.
  • Step 2: Navigate to the Little Nightmares 2 in Library.
  • Step 3: Right Click on the game and choose Properties.
  • Step 4: Uncheck Enable the Steam Overplay while in-game.
  • Step 5: Disable GeForce Experience and Discord Overlay.

Once you implement Step 4 Reboot Steam and check if the game crashes, If yes then only follow Step 5 otherwise you are good to go.

With this, the guide on fixing the Little Nightmares 2 not launching error ends. We hope this guide comes to you handy.