Little Nightmares 2 (OST): Complete Official Soundtrack By Tobias Lilja

The Soundtracks of Little Nightmares 2 were composed and written by none other than Tobias Lilja.

Little Nightmares II is arguably the most talked-about horror video game right now. The reason behind its rising popularity is it not only has engaging gameplay or attractive graphics but also has amazing Soundtracks.

If you love listening to songs while playing video games, you would not need to open music on YouTube or Spotify because Little Nightmares 2 itself has numerous Original Soundtracks (OST). Ever since the game released, there are tons of players who have been eager to know more about the Little Nightmares 2 Soundtrack.

The Soundtracks of Little Nightmares 2 were composed and written by none other than Tobias Lilja, who produced and wrote the Soundtrack for the Original game as well. Those who want to buy Little Nightmares 2’s Soundtrack can purchase it on Spotify or Itunes.

Little Nightmares 2 Soundtrack

  • Little Nightmares 2 (Main Theme) 00:00
  • Teeth and Leaves (Forest Theme) 2:45
  • ​Togetherness 1 (Music Box and Finding Six) 4:34
  • ​The Nome In The Attic (DLC Theme) 8:48
  • Boots Through The Undergrowth (Hunter Theme) 11:54
  • Disposable Entertainment (Boat and Discovering the City) 15:41
  • ​Playtime (Discovering School) 18:26
  • Crackheads (Bullies Theme) 20:18
  • ​Captive Audience (Teacher Theme) 24:07
  • ​Circling The Throne (Chess Puzzle Theme) 28:03
  • Togetherness 2 (Saving Six… Again) 31:34
  • ​ ?tude for A Minor (Teacher Piano Theme) 33:14
  • ​Claustrophobia (School Escape Theme) 37:10
  • ​True Colors (Six gains back her identity) 38:14
  • One Step, Two Step (HandSpider Theme) 39:59
  • Still Life (Patient Theme) 42:46
  • Casting Shadows (Finding Flashlight) 46:15
  • Waiting Room (Morgue and Doctor Theme) 47:24
  • Bottom Feeders (Doctor Chase Theme) 50:43
  • A Little Warmth (Hospital Escape and Pale City Theme) 52:24
  • Shopping Spasm (Viewers Theme) 56:31
  • The Man in the Hat (Thin Man Theme) 59:25
  • Signal Interference (Thin Man Fight Theme) 01:01:50
  • Lost In Transmission (Signal Tower Ambience) 01:04:57
  • Old Friends Anew (Final Boss Theme) 01:08:09
  • ​Nothing Lasts Forever (Final Chase Theme) 01:12:39
  • End Of The Hall (Ending Theme) 01:14:44

That’s everything you need to know about Little Nightmares 2’s Soundtrack. While you are here, ensure reading other Little Nightmares 2 guides on Games Adda.