How To Get And Use Lucky Envelopes In Palia

Max your Lucky Envelopes to 99,999 in Palia Luna New Year Maji Market and then use them to complete Stamp Cards.

As the celebration of the Luna New Year, the Palian residents have set up the night market on the Fairgrounds. This Maji Market has introduced minigames, gacha, quests, stores, and a Wish Tree, which actually grants your wishes for a limited time. The event started on January 30, 2024, and will end on February 26, 2024.

Apart from the Chapaa Hut, all stores of this market deal in event currency, Lucky Envelopes. If you have visited the place and talked to Zeki and other villagers, chances are that you might have already obtained some of them. Still, those are not enough, so here are all the ways to get them during the event and the best places to spend them.

All Ways to Get Lucky Envelopes in Palia Luna New Year

Get Lucky Envelopes in Palia Luna New Year
Earn Lucky Envelopes in Hot Pot Minigame (Screenshot by Games Adda)

Luna New Year Quests

This time, there are three special quests: New Year, New Wishes, Wishes in the Wind, and A Year to Remember. Like the other quests, you will see their tasks on the right side of the screen, whenever they are active and pinned. The first one starts by talking to Kenli in Maji Market and then interacting with the other flag characters. The second one is obtained by talking to Chayne the day after completing the first quest. As for the third one, you will receive a letter from the Zeki after finishing Wishes in the Wind. Talk to him and complete it to get rewards.

Hotpot Minigame

The game can be played between 6 pm to 3 am every in-game day in Maji Market. To start it, you must find and interact with any of the big Hotpots set near the dock. Your goal here is to make 3 sets of ingredients or 3 unique cards of the same category sets. Your total points will get converted to the same number of Lucky Envelopes in Palia. You should check our detailed Hotpot Mahjong guide to play and win this minigame.

Chapaa Chase Minigame

The Chapaa Chase starts at 12:10 every in-game day, around the Chapaa Hut of the Maji Market. You have 3:59 minutes to catch and place the Chapaas in the barn, which is right next to the Hut. They will run as soon as they see any players near them, so press Shift and chase them before they dig a hole and disappear. Use the F key to grab them whenever you get near, and then go to the barn to place them. For every Chapaa you place, you get 5 Lucky Envelopes.

Zeki’s Lucky Wheel

Lucky Wheel is the gacha of the event. You use the Prize Wheel Coins to spin it and win rewards like Lucky Envelopes, Gold Coins, Lucky Coins, Prize Wheel Coins, and fireworks. After every few purchases from the market store, you get one or two of the required coins.

Stamp Cards

Palia Lucky Envelopes Stamp Cards
Complete Stamp Cards for Lucky Envelopes (Screenshot by Games Adda)

These are accomplishments of the Luna New Year 2024, which give Lucky Envelopes:

  • Cat’s Outta The Bag
  • Best Wishes
  • Lucky Chapaa Champion
  • Lucky Chappa Chaser
  • Make It Go Boom
  • Big Spender

You can check their tasks through the event Stamp Cards section. To find it, press I or J and then tap on the open envelope icon from the top.

Wish Tree

Every real day you log in, you receive one Wish Ribbon through Chayne’s mail. Collect it and take it to the Dye Station, which is in front of the majestic Wish Tree. Use the blue dye to paint it and deposit it on the tree. Go back to the tree when the market is open and turn left to find the structure that is used for retrieving wishes. You will get some envelopes.

Where to Spend Lucky Envelopes – Best Stores

Spend Lucky Envelopes in Maji Market
Screenshot by Games Adda

There are all different kinds of stores in the Maji Market, selling decorative to food products. However, in terms of long-term profit, Reth’s Street Specialties recipes excel in our opinion. Cooked dishes can be sold for the Gold and even be consumed for Focus. Plus, there are some interesting recipes like Kimchi Fried Rice, Lucky Braised Fish, Pan Fried Dumplings, and Rice Cake Soup. Reth’s Store also has some of his specialties like Reth’s Noodle Rolls, Reth’s Lumpia and Salty, Tangy, Umami, and Spicy Hotpot Takeout.

The next store you should explore is Delaila’s Sweet Treats. Her shop has some consumables like Delaila’s Almond Cookies and Delaila’s Nian Gao, but the best items she sells are Bok Choy Seed and Napa Cabbage Seed. Even buying 10 to 20 of these seed packets is enough, if you have Seed Maker. Producing your vegetables makes cooking a lot easier and more cost-effective.

To finish the accomplishment, that is Stamp Cards, you need to buy items from all the stores. So, once you have purchased the necessary items from every shop, focus on the ones we have suggested above.

A player can keep up to 99,999 Lucky Envelopes in Palia Luna New Year Maji Market, so collect as much as you can through these methods and enjoy spending them on the stores.