Palia Prize Wheel Coin Guide

Use these methods to get Prize Wheel Coins in Palia and spin the Zeki's Lucky Wheel for exciting rewards of Gold, Lucky Envelopes, and more.

Zeki undoubtedly loves shining coins and gacha machines. Making us grind and spend a fortune on his Lucky Machine was not enough for him, so he has now brought a Lucky Wheel. Fortunately, he has shown mercy this time and let us earn the Prize Wheel Coins in Palia through several different methods.

Additionally, the rewards you get from it are decent and sometimes even useful within the event itself. All the Luck and Feeling Lucky I, II, III Stamp Cards also need you to spin Zeki’s Prize Wheel. If you are yet to use it, you are at the right place. Here are all the ways to earn and use those in the Luna New Year event.

How to Get Prize Wheel Coins in Palia

How to Get Prize Wheel Coins in Palia
Spend Lucky Envelopes at Maji Market shops and get Prize Wheel Coins. (Screenshot by Games Adda)
  • Talk to Zeki: When you talk to Zeki in Maji Market for the first time, he gives you one Prize Wheel Coin.
  • Spend Lucky Envelopes in Maji Market shops to get coins after every few purchases.
    • Delaila’s Sweet Treats: Her shop is across the Maji Market Fireworks, you will see it from the Fast Travel spot. She sells consumables and seeds. After every few purchases, you will get one or more coins.
    • Reth’s Street Specialties: Items in his shop vary from 15 to 8000 Lucky Envelopes. When you buy the most expensive recipe, you get multiple coins.
    • Maji Market Fireworks: Run by Najuma and Hodari, this store sells fireworks and lanterns. Since you need to use fireworks to complete the Make It Go Boom accomplishment, it would be a good choice to spend it here.
    • Zeki’s Lucky Catch: This store has taiyakis and wallpapers, ranging from 200 to 2000 Lucky Envelopes.
    • Chapaa Chase Prizes: Right next to Zeki’s Lucky Catch, you will find Chapaa and New Year theme items in this store.
  • All The Luck Stamp Card: If you spin the wheel and earn 2000 Lucky Envelopes, you will complete this Stamp Card and get 2 Prize Wheel Coins.

How to Use Zeki’s Lucky Wheel

Once you have collected a few coins, look for the Zeki in Maji Market. On his left side is a Lucky Wheel. Go near it, and you will see the Spin the Wheel option. Press F to use it. The rewards will automatically get added to your inventory or currency if you get Gold.

Since most ways to earn Prize Wheel Coins in Palia require you to spend Lucky Envelopes, I suggest playing Hotpot Mahjong minigame. We have covered everything you need to know about the game and its reward system.