How To Play And Win Hotpot Game In Palia

Just checked your mail and discovered the ongoing Maji Market event, and now you are looking for ways to play and win the Hotpot game in Palia. Here is all you need.

The Chapaa Chase and Hotpot game in the Palia Maji Market is not only additive but also very rewarding. Found in the Fairgrounds this minigame is part of the time-limited event where you have quests and accomplishments. Running behind Chapaas and placing them in the barn before time runs out and other players grab it can be pretty competitive, however, that is not the case with Mahjong.

No matter if you are able to complete the set from the category or not, you will always get some points and the Lucky Envelopes from it. With a certain number of wins, you also get an exclusive beautiful item that you can place on your dining table to give it a lavishing look.

How to Play Hotpot Mahjong in Palia

Play Hotpot Mahjong in Palia
Play hotpot game from here (Screenshot by Games Adda)

The game takes place between 6 pm to 3 am every in-game day. To play it, first, you must go to the Fairgrounds, which is in the southeast corner of the Kilima Valley map. You can use fast travel to get there easily. Once inside the market look for the big Hotpots. There are many, so you will most probably find an empty seat. Plus, each game can be played by four players. Go near the Hotpot and use Start Game. If there are not four players the countdown will begin, and you have about 2 minutes before it starts.

  • Your task here is to make three sets of Mahjong with the same ingredients (Three of a kind) or all unique cards of the same Category.
    • Each 3 sets of ingredients will give you 120 points. For example, three Garlic.
    • 3 unique cards of the same category will give you 60 points. Such as three different Noodles of beige background.
Play Hotpot Game in Palia
Create same ingredients set to score points (Screenshot by Games Adda)

As you can see in the above picture, I created three meat roll sets on the left, which will give me 120 points, and three Green sets on the right side, which will give 60 points. The easiest way to recognize the items of the same category is through the symbol on the top right and their background colors.

In each round, you get the option of taking the Mahjong other players have discarded. If you don’t want their pieces, you can draw from the deck. Left-click on the piece you wish to discard from your side.

All Categories

There are a total of eight categories in the minigame, and each has 3 unique cards:

  1. Carbs: Gray
  2. Meat: Red
  3. Mushrooms: Purple
  4. Noodles: Beige
  5. Fish: Blue
  6. Greens: Green
  7. Spices: Orange
  8. Vegetables: Orange

Points Tally System of Hotpot Results

Points Tally System of Hotpot Results
Screenshot by Games Adda

The best part about this game is its tally system. It not only counts the points you made during your turn but also counts others while rewarding. As you can see in the image, it says 5 Category Matches, which is not possible when you can max create three. This table simply means that all players combined created 5 Category Set, which gave 300 points, and two sets of 3 of a kind, which gave 240 points. Their total was 540, so I got 540 Lucky Envelopes.

Rewards From the Minigame

Rewards From the Minigame
Stamp Cards of Palia Maji Market (Screenshot by Games Adda)

Get In My Belly! is a Stamp Card, with three tasks and rewards. The first one requires you to win the game once and rewards the Hotpot Takeout Bundle. To complete the second, you have to win 3 times and will get the Star Hotpot Takeout Bundle. The last one requires you to win 7 times and will give you a New Year Personal Hotpot.

Apart from these rewards, you get Lucky Envelopes, which can be exchanged in the Maji Market shops to buy recipes, ingredients, fireworks, and items like taiyaki and wallpaper.

Go ahead and have fun spending the rewards of the Hotpot game in Palia, and once you are done, make sure to check out our dedicated section.