FAUG IOS Release Date: Is Faug Available On App Store?

Looking for details on FAUG IOS Release Date. Check here to know if Faug is available on Apple Store and what is FAUG IOS release date.

FAU-G has been released on 26th January 2021 and was enforced and supported under Akshay Kumar’s guidance and with the collaboration of the GOQII CEO. The game had huge success within hours of its launch with over 1 Million Download on the Google Play Store.

Meanwhile, many players have been wondering How To Download FAUG. Among these mostly IOS users have been looking for its release in the App Store. Players are eager to know the FAUG release date and if Fau-G is available on APP Store. The game has become so popular that it does seem shocking for us that many have been eagerly waiting to know when the game will be released for other IOS users.

In this article, we will answer all the above-mentioned questions and clear all your doubts related to the game’s release.

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FAUG IOS Release Date

FAU-G has been released for Android devices and is made available on Google Play Store. For all android users, your device needs to have Android OS 8 Oreo or higher running on them to play the game. The game size is around 460 MB. Till now no official statement is made available by the company. But hints given by the company suggest that soon the game will be made available on APP Store.

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Is FAU-G Available On App Store?

Faug was released on 26th January 2021 and was only made available for android users. The company is yet to release the game on the APP Store, the Reason being that the company wanted to wait and see the popularity of the game. Which also applied in-game features as well. Along with the IOS release & Faug TDM Mode Release Date is also still under consideration.

nCore Games have hinted that very soon the game will be made available for IOS users as well. Along with different modes in the game within few months this year. Once an official statement is made by the company we will be updating this article with the IOS Release Date so make sure to check this page for more future updates.