FAU-G Guide: Tips And Tricks To Win The Game

Here's a quick guide outlining tips and tricks to excel the PUBG Mobile's Indian rivalry FAU-G.

Fearless And United Guards (FAU-G) unleashed on India’s biggest day, Republic Day, as an alternative to PUBG enthusiasts in India. Gamers can now download the FAU-G from the Google Play Store on their Android device now. It’s a Bengaluru based Ncore Games’ action product with a file size of 360MB.

It’s already got a huge fanbase since it’s downloaded by around 1M+ users. However, i-phone users need to sit tight for access to this action gameplay. Techies and Gamers have already started to play the game, some of them find it straightforward, while some are struggling to cross the thresholds.

If you’re considering giving the Indian Royal War a shot, then you need to know a few tips and tricks beforehand for a wonderful gaming experience.

FAU-G Guide: Tips And Tricks To WinFAUG-Guide-Tips-and-Tricks-to-Win

A complete guide covering tips, tricks, and other stuff you will need to begin with FAU-G.

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FAU-G Controls And Sensitivity

Gaming controls and sensitivity matters the most when it comes to having a strong grip on weapons. If the default sensitivity is not receptive, you can fix it in the settings. You also have the option of tailoring the aim settings

FAU-G Weapon Types

Your choice of weapon in any game dictates the fate of the game. Besides fist, FAU-G also offers players 3 more weapon choices, namely axes, pipes, and clubs, each with its own set of attacks. The pipes have the longest reach, the clubs have the shortest and the axe stands somewhere in the middle of the two. Pipes can be effective in keeping the strongest enemy at bay, but the most efficient are the clubs and axes.

FAU-G Weapon Max Damage And Durability

Intelligent use of weapons and their features can make it easy for you to fight the strongest and most powerful opponents. Each weapon can harm the opponents uniquely before it is demolished on its own. Durability is shown by a bar just below the weapon that switches from green to yellow and eventually red, telling you exactly whether your weapon is prone to shattering, whereas Max Damage is implied by the figures that hover over your opponent’s heads displaying the amount of harm you have caused them.

FAU-G Block Button

In FAU-G, the designated escape feature is in the form of a Block button, enabling you to use your hands or arms to brace enemy attacks at the expense of durability. It comes in handy when you’ve got flocks of fighters throwing quick jabs on you.

Spot FAU-G Enemies Attacking

Understanding when to obstruct or initiate a counter-attack is the ultimate key to win the game. Enemy soldiers in the FAU-G light up red when they’re prepared to target and attack you. If your timing is perfect you can leave them shocked by striking them first, or else you can simply block their attack.

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Other Things To ConsiderFAUG-Guide-Tips-and-Tricks-to-Win

  • Be mindful of the surroundings and get to know the streets and the bunker.
  • Often check the distance before you strike your opponent.
  • Use your fist when you don’t employ weapons.
  • Be cautious and watchful for enemies that strike from the back. Whenever the Chinese military is close, you keep clicking on the left side of the fist symbol.
  • Keep track of bonfires around you constantly, since they can be used at any time to restore your health.FAUG-Guide-Tips-and-Tricks-to-Win

Ncore Games’ to introduce new patches, multiplayer modes, and other single-player features, so keep in touch with us for more on FAU-G.