FAUG (Fauji) Game Download | How To Download, Game Modes, Size & More

Check here to know how you can download Faug, game modes, download size, requirement, and more.

FAU-G has been released on 26th January 2021 and was enforced and supported under Akshay Kumar’s guidance and with the collaboration of the GOQII CEO. The game successfully surpassed 1 million downloads on the Google Play Store in less than 24 hours. And with this FAUG Game Download has become the hot topic around the internet.

The game highlights the backdrop of real-life events between Indian and Chinese soldiers last year in the Galwan Valley. The company has also decided to get Faug For PC. Not only this 20% of revenue from the game will be donated to Bharat Veer Trust. Many have been expecting this to be a replacement for PUBG but that does not seem to be the game is quite different from what many had anticipated. And if you are confused about whether to play Fau-G (Fauji) or not then you can go ahead and get pointers from this article. Here is everything that you will need to know about the game.

FAUG Game Download

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How To Download FAUG?

In order t download the game you won’t have to do much. You will just have to go to Google Play Store and search for it and Install it on your Android device. Unfortunately for the ones with an IOS device won’t be able to access that game at the moment. Soon the game will be made available for IOS users as well. Also, the game is not available to be played on windows, but if you wish to play it on PC you can go ahead and read our guide on How To Download FAU-G For PC.

FAU-G (Fauji) Game Modes

FAUG Game Download

The does not have many modes to offer at the moment. Currently, only one campaign mode is available that starts against the backdrop of real-life events in the Galwan Valley skirmish where the Indian Army had a face-off with Chinese troops last year. This will be a single-player game for a while. Although nCore Games has told that more modes with multiplayer settings and many more features will be added to the game slowly.

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FAU-G Download Size

The download size of the game is around 500 MB, It depends from device to device hence the above-given size is not accurate. It is just a rough estimation of the game.

FAUG In-APP Purchases

FAUG Game Download

The game is free to download and play but if you wish to get better stats and upgrade your character you will have to pay to a certain extent. the game shows the in-app purchases priced at Rs 19, Rs 149, Rs 299, Rs 599, Rs 1,299, and Rs 2,999, depending on your choice.

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What is FAU-G Lite?

FAUG Game Download

Faug lite has not yet been officially announced yet. Although it does seem that the company has been considering getting in a Lite version of the game. This will benefit the budget phones and will be put in action depending on the demand of the game. Those whose devices can’t handle the current version of the game due to hardware reasons will also be able to enjoy the game if a Lite version is launched. Make sure to bookmark this page to keep getting updated FAUG Game Download details and much more.