Strawberry Crepe Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom(CRK)

Do you want a Strawberry Crepe Cookie in CRK? IF yes, then here is a way for you!

Looking for ways to get Strawberry Crepe Cookie in Cookie Run Kingdom (CRK)? If yes, then you are in right place. Here are all the possible ways to get Strawberry Crepe Cookies in CRK. Follow the steps and get your favorite pink colored cookie process now!

How To Get Strawberry Crepe Cookie In CRK?

Strawberry Crepe cookie

Strawberry Crepe is a princess like looking cookie in CRK that is dressed in a pink colored gown. She also has a strawberry sword in her hand that she uses in battles to save her allies. Strawberry Crepe is a defense class cookie that can be very useful for who so ever has it during the battle.

She has the capacity to deal a lot of damage to the enemy cookie with its Crepe thrust attack. Also, she is pretty good at shielding two of her allies in Cookie Run kingdom. So if you are looking to get this amazing front line defense cookie then here is a step-by-step guide for you.

Steps To Get Strawberry Crepe Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom

  • The only way to unlock this defense class cookie is by drawing it from the classic gacha system. There is no other way to get this cookie in CRK.
  • There is another way to get it but we aren’t so sure about it. You can also bake this cookie by collecting the Strawberry Crepe Soulstones if and when they are available to bake in the baking section.

Here we come to the end of Strawberry Crepe Cookie in CRK. There are many cookies in the game like Dark Choco Cookie, Sorbet Shark Cookie, Clover Cookie, etc. that can also be very useful to you once you unlock them in cookie battles. So click on the links to know the way to unlock the respective cookie and get them all today!