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Sorbet Shark Cookie Guide In Cookie Run Kingdom(CRK)

Here is a guide to get Sorbet Shark Cookie in Cookie Run!

Cookie Run: Kingdom is a free-to-play RPG game available to play for free on Android and iOS. The game has several rare cookies that players have to upgrade by baking. These cookies come up with special abilities that will help you level up faster in the game. Sorbet Shark is also one of such epic cookies in Cookie Run: Kingdom that can be obtained in the game.

If you are also looking for this epic cookie in the game then here is a guide for you. Check out the steps given below to get your favorite Sorbet Shark cookie.

How To Get Sorbet Shark Cookie?

Sorbet Shark Cookie

Sorbet Shrak cookie is a weird mixture of a cookie who is has a shark-like head and a body of a sailor. It is dressed in a nice white sailor uniform with a pink band on its waist. It is an epic type of cookie that was introduced during the Tropical Soda Islands event alongside the Squid Ink Cookie in Ambush class.

Getting Sorbet Shark cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom completely depends on the player’s luck. As there are no tasks or events that can reward you with Sorbet Shark Cookie in the game. All you can do here to get this epic cookie is wait patiently until you get the cookie.

Once you manage to get this cookie you can become one of the strongest players in the game. Sorbet Shark cookie is one of the strongest cookies in the game that can be very useful during battles. This cookie single handedly capable of dealing damage to two enemies at a time. So if you get the Sorbet Shark Cookie in Cookie Run: Kingdom you are now fully equipped to go for battles.

Here we come to the end of ways to get Sorbet Shark Cookie. For more guides on Cookie Run: Kingdom click on this link and get all the tips and tricks in the game.