Clover Cookie In Cookie Run Kingdom(CRK)

Here is a guide to get Clover cookie in Cookie run Kingdom!

Cookie Run Kingdom is a game that is all about cookies. There are different types of cookies that have different abilities and powers. Every cookie is different and has different qualities that can help you in various ways in the battles. Clover cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom is one of such rarest cookies that is available in the game since the beginning.

If you still haven’t come across this cookie and want to get it in the game then here is a Clover Cookie guide for you!

What Is Clover Cookie And How To Get It?

Cookie Run Kingdom Clover cookie

Clover Cookie in the Cookie Run Kingdom is cookie based on a nature theme. It comes with a green colored outfit and a green witch-like hat on the head. It also holds a white colored clover guitar in hand. The cookie was introduced in the game along with the Herb cookie in the green Down Story.

All the players can obtain this rare cookie by following the regular cookie gacha. There is another way to obtain Clover cookie and that is by a draw method. But we cannot guarantee it as the chances are very rare to obtain a cookie or its Soulstones through this method.

Unlock this cookie and listen to the melodious music that it plays every time its powers are activated. The song that Clover cookie play when its powers are activated is called the Bard Song. And it comes with an amazing ability that will help you restore your HP thereby rebuffing your allies.

Here we come to the end of Clover Cookie guide in the Cookie Run Kingdom. There are several cookies in the game that can be obtained by following different processes. Click on this link to know how to unlock Sorbet Shark Cookie in Cookie Run kingdom.