How To Get Stronger In Undawn (Tips & Tricks)

Enhance your character and make it stronger in Undawn with the help of this guide.

There are more than 50 tips and tricks on how to make your character stronger in Undawn. Some of these methods involve things that you already might be doing. When your character gets stronger it also increases its ratings and helps you level up. So without wasting any more time, let us look at how it’s done.

How to Get Your Character Stronger in Undawn

1. Achievements

achievements undawn

One of the most quickest and important steps to follow to get stronger in Undawn is to claim your Achievements. Always remember to go to the Achievement Details and claim all the Key Achievements. This will help you progress and get added points to level up.

2. Raven Stage

get stronger in undawn

Level up your Raven squad and title, by becoming an expert in particular skill sets. When you develop new skills or upgrade old skills you can get promoted in your raven title. This can definitely help you get stronger in Undawn.

3. Weapon Mods

weapon mods undawn

Weapons and other equipment definitely make a character strong. But what makes them stronger is when they equip specially modified guns and other weapons. Your defense gets better and certainly helps you defeat enemies with minimum effort.

There are certainly many other ways to get stronger in Undawn and we have listed them below –

  • Enhancing armor and weapons along with skill enhancement.
  • Camp training and contribution.
  • Use the right accessory, attire, armor, and gloves for your character.
  • Eat the right food for character energy and enhancement.
  • Craft armor and weapons on the Workbench.
  • Upgrade your Homestead and complete Missions.
  • Enabling proper drone configuration.
  • Increase combat points and purchase Raven Sigils.
  • Equip and level up Character Talents.

These were the majority of the ways you can get stronger in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to earn Gold in Undawn.