Undawn: How To Get Combat Points

Here is a guide that will help you get combat points in Undawn.

Combat points are points that will help you get Raven Sigils in Undawn. There are different kinds of Raven Sigils like Iron, Bronze, Silver, etc. They can be used to give the character title a promotion and much more. Here is how you get the combat points needed for it.

How to Earn Combat Points in Undawn

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You have to take part in PvP battles in order to earn combat points in Undawn. Think of combat points as daily rewards, when you participate in every PvP game. You also have to play against 12 other players in a 12v12 battle. make sure your team is well-equipped to win so that you get more points.

The other way to earn combat points is through selling Raven Sigils. Though you can use them to buy the Sigils, you can earn them back by selling them. You can also sell weapons and a few other items, that can help you earn some extra combat points in the game.

How to Get Raven Sigils & Combat Materials

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Using combat points is pretty simple than earning them. There are different Raven Sigils in the game and each cost a different amount of combat points.

For example –

  • Budding Raven Sigil costs 200 Combat Points.
  • Iron Raven Sigil costs 500 Combat Points.
  • Bronze Raven Sigil costs 1,000 Combat Points.
  • Silver Raven Sigil costs 1,500 Combat Points.
  • Gold Raven Sigil costs 2,000 Combat Points.
  • Platinum Raven Sigil costs 2,500 Combat Points.

You can also use your combat points to get other combat materials in Undawn, like –

  • Tactical Gear costs 5 Combat Points.
  • Ionic Membrane costs 500 Combat Points.
  • Equipment Crafting Crate costs 500 Combat Points.
  • Ammo Crate costs 3,000 Combat Points.

So this was all on how to get combat points and how to use them in the game. If you found this article helpful you can also check out, how to sell items or how to upgrade and level up Homestead in Undawn.