How To Sell Items In Undawn

Here is how you can sell items easily in Undawn with the help of this guide.

Selling items that are no longer useful to you can help you earn gold which is the in-game currency in Undawn. We will help you know how to sell most of the items in the game. There are weapons, armor, guns, and more that can be sold. Here is how you simply can.

How to Sell Items in Undawn

sell items in undawn

To sell items in Undawn, you have to tap on the Trade icon on the left side of the screen. Before that, you can look for items that you want to sell from Resources. Then in the Trade section, go to Items to Sell. There you can place the item that you want to sell.

You also have to note that all the slots for selling items won’t be available at first. You have to spend some gold to unlock more slots. The best way to also sell items is by going to abandoned houses and scavenging for items there. Then you can put it up for sale there itself, without having to store it in your inventory.

Note that – You can only sell weapons that are purple and yellow. The blue weapons cannot be sold. Also, weapons that are equipped for a character cannot be sold.

Another tip to sell items in the game is to upgrade your weapons to the max level and then sell it. In other battlefield shooting games, you can also sell individual parts of a weapon and make more money than usual. But it is not certain if that can be done in Undawn. You can surely give it a try and experiment with what items can be sold and what cannot.

From all the things you scavenge and find, weapons by far will help you earn the most gold in the game.

This was all about how to sell items in the game. If you found this article helpful you can also check out, how to increase the Scavenger level and how to increase health in Undawn.