How To Increase And Heal Health In Undawn

Don't let the zombies get to you in Undawn. Learn how to increase and restore your health with the help of this guide.

Unlike other games, in Undawn HP is not for health but for hitpoints. This means that your health could be low and you have to increase or restore it from time to time in Undawn. Your health can also decrease for various reasons apart from getting hit. Like having bad hygiene, not eating or sleeping well, etc. Here is how you can restore it.

How to Increase Health in Undawn

restore health in undawn

Here is a list of various items and ways you can increase and restore your health in Undawn –

  • Cans: Restore your Health by 25 points.
  • Antibodies: Restore 30 Health.
  • Simple Bandage Medicine: Restore Health by 100.

You can start using cans or antibodies the minute you realize that your character is catching a cold or is getting hurt. As this will help reduce the damage and prevent your character from getting infected. Make sure to also have good hygiene and eat whenever you can. Keep your character well-rested too.

Furthermore, you can also purchase the Antibody from Clint at the Raven’s Shelter. You can also craft it. The Antibody is the most important resource in a zombie game like Undawn for you to increase health and heal your character. While the bandages are good for wounds and when you take a serious hit. Not just that, you also have to make sure that Metabolism and Mentality are also intact. You can always keep a tab on it through the Health Monitor in the game.

You also need to make sure that you keep your bladder empty to stay in the best health in the game. The health status bar for every aspect should be green. Which means you are good to go.

This was all on how to increase and restore health in Undawn. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out other gaming guides on our site.