Undawn: How To Increase Scavenger Level

If you are confused about how to increase the Scavenger Level in Undawn, this guide will help you out.

The Scavenger is another role in Undawn and not many know how to increase his level. Even if users know how to increase the level, they run out of options after a point. Players struggle to get the Scavenger settlement unlocked too. But we have found just the way to work it out with the help of this guide.

How to Increase Scavenger Level in Undawn

increase scavenger level in undawn

  1. To increase from level 3 of the Scavenger in Undawn you have to first, go to Schedule.
  2. Then you have to choose the Settlement Mission. This mission requires you to work it out solo. It will also help you get 1 reward at the end of it.
  3. Then you have to choose the Scavenger Settlement in Today’s commissions. Tap on Track and get started with the mission.
  4. You then will be taken to the Lost City and talk to the Scavenger there.
  5. After talking to the Scavenger, visit the Shopping Center but beware of zombies there.
  6. Open all the possible crates, vending machines, and cabinets there to scavenge for things.
  7. This may be a difficult task, as you will constantly be interrupted by zombies.
  8. Once you have successfully, obtained items you then have to exit the Shopping Center and go back to the Lost City.
  9. Meet the Scavenger there is hand over your findings to him.

This will increase the Scavenger level. Besides that, you must also know that the Scavenger is someone who probably, doesn’t have a gun or any weapon to defend themselves. This is why they cannot go out looking for things on their own. So you must now and then try to increase the Scavenger level by taking up such missions.

That was all on how to increase the Scavenger level in Undawn. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out other others like how to leave and join team and how to fish in Undawn.