How To Leave Or Join Team In Undawn

Are you trying to find a way to leave your team in Undawn? Then this guide will help you out.

You can play solo or with a team in Undawn, but when you are done with your squad you can leave it. You can either join a camp or create your camp in the game. However, coordinating with a team sometimes can be difficult. Especially when you are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse. This is why some players decide to play alone in this way.

How to Leave Team Or Camp in Undawn

how to leave team in undawn

It is pretty simple to leave a team in Undawn by going to the Menu and finding the Member List section. Then you can tap on the Leave Camp button and leave the team.

Leaving the team does not affect your home shed. You will still have the very same home shed. You can also tap on the Flag icon, on the left side of the screen, where you will get an option to leave the camp.

Note that – When you leave a camp, you will lose all your achievements and progress. You can also not join a particular camp after you have left it more than two times. Players end up leaving their camp when the majority of the players are inactive.

As your rank increases you may also want to join or create camps with players according to your level. Who has the same or better skills as you.

How to Join or Create Camp

how to join or create camp in undawn

To join a camp in Undawn, you will require to have to go to the Menu and press the Apply button in the camp section. Apply to the camp you would like to join. However, to create a camp, you will find the Create button right there.

You also have to go to the Ravens Shelter and speak to Jason who will help you to create a team of your own. Not just that, it will also require you to spend 5,000 silver for recruitment.

This was all about how to leave the team, along with ways to join and create a team too. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out, how to fish in Undawn.