Undawn: How To Fish (Fishing Guide)

You need to learn how to fish in Undawn, for your survival in a world full of Zombies.

There are quite a variety of fishes that you can fish in Undawn and this guide will help you through it. Along with that, the whole process will require you to have a fishing rod and bait. There are also different baits for catching different kinds of fish. Worry not, as we will also help you with our step-by-step guide on it.

How to Fish in Undawn

Step 1 – Craft a Fishing Rod

how to craft fishing rod

  • To craft a fishing rod to fish in Undawn, you will require:
    • 500 Wood.
    • 4 Iron ore.
  • Then you will have to go to the Tool section on the right side of your screen.
  • Go to the crafting guide and select the Fishing Rod option.
  • Then craft it when you have both materials available.

Step 2 – Craft a Bait

craft fish bait

  • To craft a bait you will require:
    • 5 Plant Fibers.
    • 5 Meat.
  • Under the same crafting guide in the Tool section, you will also find different Bait crafting guides.
  • The Common Fish Bait can be crafted through the above-given materials.
  • Furthermore, you can also check the requirements for other fish baits and craft them in the same manner.

Step 3 – Find a River

fishing guide undawn

  • Go to the nearest river in Undawn and find a place you want to fish at.
  • Open the Portable Tool section and you will find the Fishing icon on the top right of the backpack.
  • Select that option and equip the Fishing Rod.

Step 4 – Catch a Fish

how to fish

  • Select a particular spot you want to throw your bait at in the river.
  • Stand in the direction of it, and throw the bait at that area.
  • When a fish will bite the bait, you will get an option showing you so.
  • Once the fish is Hooked, press the fishing rod button on the left corner of the screen, to catch it.

Besides that there are different types of fish that you can catch in the game like River Crab, Prawn, Black Fish, etc, you can also cook so many recipes with them.

This was all about how to fish with the help of our fishing guide. Furthermore, if you found this article helpful, you can also check out, how to increase and restore health in Undawn.