Undawn: How To Earn Gold

Now you can earn Gold easily in Undawn, with the help of this guide.

In Undawn Gold is the in-game currency and there are different ways to earn it. It is necessary to generate a lot of it in the game so that, you can purchase the items you like. As some rare weapons and resources cost heavily. This is why let’s look at ways to make a lot of Gold in the game.

How to Earn Gold in Undawn

how to farm for gold in undawn

The most effective and easy way to earn Gold in Undawn is through completing Daily tasks and Airdrop missions. Some of these missions help you straight up earn a lot of Gold and other rewards. There are daily events, Missions, and more that can help you do so.

Also logging into the game and claiming the daily rewards can help you get Gold. There is usually a Gold Coin image on such events, that will help you easily navigate which missions have such rewards.

The other proven way to earn a lot of Gold in the game is through selling or trading items. However, to get the most out of selling items you have to level up your weapons or types of equipment and then sell them to get the most out of it.

The other thing that you can do is craft really useful items with good resources. This will help increase the quality of it and help you get better returns. Besides that, it is best to increase the price slightly higher than the recommended price so that you earn much more than expected. But make sure that you do not increase the cost a lot of your items as it will be difficult to trade them.

These were some of the ways you could farm for Gold in the game. If you found this article helpful, you can also check out how to increase your rating in Undawn.