Boba Story Guide: Best Tips, Tricks, And Strategies

Want to Play Boba Story like a Pro? Check out these Tips, Tricks, and Strategies and try them out.

In this guide, we have listed some of the best tips, tricks and strategies to use in Boba Story. These tricks will help you understand the gameplay in a better manner and play it smoothly. We have derived most of these by playing it first hand and trying these out in actual gameplay. Check out this guide and learn all there is to know about the same.

Best Tips, Tricks, and Strategies in Boba Story

  • Collect Leaf to Run the Shop
  • Unlock Ingredients & Containers
  • Install Furniture
  • Hire Employees
  • Complete Boba Dash Challenge
  • Use Promote
  • Play Mini Games
  • Unlock Magic Den & Food

Collect Leaf to Run the Shop

Tips, Tricks, Strategies Boba Story

Leaf is the currency in this game and that is all you need to run the restaurant. Every time you serve a customer, they pay you with Leaf. So, collect as many Leaf as you can to progress further in the game. Because the more Leaf you have, the more things you can unlock and install in your restaurant. If it is any consolation, collecting Leaf is one of the easiest tasks in the game.

Unlock Ingredients & Containers

Tips, Tricks, Strategies Boba Story

You have to unlock all the ingredients one by one. There are variety of ingredients including drink bases, add ins, and toppings. Each ingredient can be obtained by spending a certain amount of leaf.

So, if you’ve collected the number of Leaf required to get them, don’t spare any expense. Apart from that, you also have to unlock several kinds of containers such as glasses and lids. The glasses and lids also contribute to the final price of the drink.

Install Furniture

Install Furniture

Once you have unlocked the ingredients and containers, you are now almost ready to welcome your customers. Apart from the food, you need to arrange tables, chairs, trash cans, etc. to attract more customers. You also need to unlock the waiting area and counters to serve the customers. There are 6 different types of tables, chairs, shelves, waiting areas, etc.

Along with this, you can also place books for the customers to read while they hang out. Installing these amenities are part of the investments you make to attract more customers. The more amenities you have placed, the more Leaf you can obtain.

Hire Employees

Hire Employees Boba Story

This is one of the efficient Boba Story tips and tricks. In the game, you can also hire employees which offer temporary boosts. They are Mizu, Lily, and Joji. Each employee has a specialty and a specific cooldown time. You can hire Mizu for 144 Leaf. Mizu attracts customers for 20 seconds and his cooldown time is 340 seconds.

Coming to Lily, you can hire her for 60 Leaf. She gives boost (x2) to all the drinks for 15 seconds and her cooldown time is identical to that of Mizu. Lastly, Joji takes drink orders for 30 seconds and has a cooldown time of 225 seconds.

If you have already hired them, after a certain period of time, you can also give them a raise. Giving them raise is important because it decreases their cooldown time and increases the effectiveness by a few seconds.

Complete Boba Dash Challenge

Boba Dash Challenge Boba Story

Boba Dash Challenge is a great way to earn Leaf. This challenge consists of delivery orders. It refreshes after certain period of time. You will see the ingredient beside the customer who has ordered it. Then, you simply have to make a drink using that particular ingredient.

In case if you don’t have the ingredient the customer has ordered, try and unlock the ingredient before the time runs out as this is easy money. Comparatively, you get more Leaf in delivery orders than you get from the customers that visit the outlet.

Use Promote

Use Promote Boba Story

This is one of the most important tips, tricks, and strategies in Boba Story. There is a feature that you can use in the game to attract customers. And that feature is Promote. In the bottom right corner, you will see the Promote option. You have to click on that button 10 times to promote once. After you use this feature, a few customers will instantly walk in.

Just beside the Promote button, there is a Promote 15x button. If you click on it, you will have to watch an ad and you will be able to promote 15 times more. It is important to have installed the amenities before you use Promote so as to serve the customers in a better way.

Play Mini Games

Mini Games in Boba Story Tips & Tricks

These mini games are an essential part of Boba Story because they offer you bonus Leaf. In total, there are 4 mini games that give you extra leaf. These mini games include Match the Bubble, Fill the Bar, Teapot Brew, and Don’t Spill your Toppings.

Each mini game has points that grant you a bonus on the multiplier basis. The maximum points you can get is 100 and the highest multiplier is 5x. In order to get maximum bonus, you need to accurately complete the mini games and score 100 points.

For example, if your drink is priced at 11 leaf and you score 100 points in a mini game, you will get 5x multiplier. Now, you will receive 55 leaf (11 x 5) for that particular drink. The mini games appear while making the drinks at the counter.

You will see a teapot icon appear on the drinks suddenly. Click on that icon and you will be presented with one of the above mentioned mini games.

Unlock Magic Den & Food

Magic Den & Food Boba Story Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Magic Den and Food are two segments of the game that you have unlock. Magic Den unlocks with 1000 Leaf and the Food unlocks with 4000 Leaf. Now, both of these segments are important because Magic Den drops raw ingredients.

Just below it, there is a lab where you can insert 3 raw ingredients and experiment with them to see whether they can be turned into a recipe.

You can create recipes and view them in the Menu tab. Apart from that, you can also unlock the Garden but first you have to unlock the Food shop.

While using the Magic Den, you get 3 free chances to roll the raw ingredients. Once, you have used up the free chances, you have to spend 400 leaf to roll once. So, make sure that you don’t miss out on the free rolls.

These are some of the best tips, tricks, and strategies in Boba Story that you can use to progress faster. Hopefully, this guide was helpful to you. While you’re here, you can feel free to check out other similar articles such as Pocket Love Tips, Tricks and Strategies and List of Purrfect Tales Tips & Tricks.